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    so i loaded this choir preset "Vox Vocis" and it sounds great, but there is just way too much inconsistency in the velocity. even in the same patterns, i'll play it back and some spots will sound so dampened that it is almost muted whereas that same spot during another playback is emphasized. i've lowered the attack and it still happens. I don't know how to operate Razor too much, but it sounds like an lfo or an envelope that is not restarting, but i could be wrong. the velocity of the notes are uniform throughout. How do i change this?

    I took off the mapping of LF2 (which says "modulation amount" when hovered over) off in the "filter 1" parameter and it is much more consistent, but i'd like to have that same mapping on with just the restart setting but can't seem to find where that would be. I pretty much want to hear the transient be consistent even with a slower attack while still modulating.

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    In this patch you can see that LFO2 is modulating the vowel. The three different vowels have different amounts of harmonics, so it will sound damp depending on the vowel. You can check that by double-clicking on the knob with LF2 (amount will be set to 0) and moving the slider manually.

    This LFO is running freely and is not restarted on each note. But it can be modulated to have a consistent attack-phase. At the right bottom you see the sidechain. The currently selected combination (Env3 modulating LFO2) is exactly what you want. Env3 is not used anywhere else, modifications to it will not change other modulations.

    To verify your setting, temporarily disable the reverb. You will hear the modulation better.

    Select sidechain for the modulation-source by clicking directly LF2 and select SIDECHAIN in the available modulation-sources.

    Now adjust Env3 the way you want (Probably high value for attack, 0 for decay, max. for sustain, medium/low value for release). Now dial in the amount of sidechain-modulation at the lower right. The attack-phase should be consistent by now with increasing variation over time.

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    But maybe I got you wrong and you just want to have a consistent behavior on each new note.

    You should consider changing the mode of LFO2 than. Beat is the polyphonic mode, with the LFO being re-triggered on each note. Keep in mind that the LFO is currently set into a random shape, so each note will sound differently no matter what. To change this, you will have to change the shape of the LFO (e.g. sine or another shape that suits you most).
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    i appreciate you explaining that. i will look into it ! interesting with the vowels.