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Install fails on Windows 10 Fall creator edition

Discussion in 'NATIVE ACCESS' started by mykejb, Nov 16, 2017.

  1. pseudopop

    pseudopop New Member

    Ran into this problem yesterday. Since I had to go through the image files in any case, I thought I might as well take notes which is which. So here are all the image files that are over one gigabyte in size, ordered from the biggest to the smallest. I hope it helps someone.

    I don't have any information about the smaller ones, because for me downloading them was easier than mounting them one by one.

    b6b0554d-4782-4dbe-8049-6a976dac7e2b    Session Strings Pro
    a0ebfb22-988b-40d8-b050-27b40c5ab653    Kontakt Factory Library
    83e6153a-b3c4-414f-b5e7-a5eee9e5bdc6    Session Horns Pro
    c6bf08d5-58b3-4348-b984-7a5ef9fcfa7d    Emotive Strings
    0a9027ba-078e-4dc3-8a8b-98af30bc6ebe    Damage
    77845bfc-d1e1-4d9a-a4e7-012e1a702207    Scarbee MM-Bass Amped
    e49a740d-6c84-419c-877c-94add64861aa    Scarbee Pre-Bass Amped
    dd548265-9323-4a49-b4fa-0cf43b2d9647    Una Corda
    0a214a82-c47b-4061-aaad-96133af7ab0b    Action Strings
    0423091f-a635-43db-9ec3-351847e91fda    Abbey Road 80s Drummer
    0a170919-0e5f-4eb2-8413-4980bf88e3c4    Abbey Road 50s Drummer
    27cf9287-ad1e-4877-9ca9-43a143069290    Session Guitarist - Strummed Acoustic
    d7f9ea6b-27cf-4c11-a589-efac543212a8    Scarbee Funk Guitarist
    3b5cbb5e-e387-4a9e-bd40-0ac2675c747d    Abbey Road Modern Drummer
    6d078fc5-5048-474e-a323-e7916e70b2f7    Abbey Road Vintage Drummer
    f0ec2a5d-bf70-4deb-8a77-e811fa151f47    Alicia's Keys
    709661c3-0f2e-432e-a22c-2ece8af86b68    Studio Drummer
    a0781748-0129-4fd4-abf0-b8314d5fbd3a    Scarbee Rickenbacker Bass
    ab5f576d-8118-4abd-83c2-41164e4ca816    Abbey Road 70s Drummer
    36e6e129-e11a-4262-b2d0-42e1e436c518    Abbey Road 60s Drummer
    a1fc9f8c-6065-426e-8f77-1d99bb41692b    Rise And Hit
    e21acc84-ce2e-4601-b820-add29eeb56a8    Scarbee Vintage Keys
    e612c6f8-d7ea-428c-ab30-6059c7797d16    The Grandeur
    cbb449a1-5808-4675-ba14-3439ad235eab    The Maverick
    1dc1f6cd-b759-4742-ad7e-f6631f803343    George Duke Soul Treasures
    a379f93a-d657-471a-9539-24c093bdd5e1    The Giant
    3866a73e-aa64-4439-84c7-99eb6fac8c82    Symphony Essentials - Brass Ensemble
    b4c9758d-87b0-4c3a-9062-eadd03df8857    Retro Machines Mk2
    45711249-0863-47d4-a951-7df3c09c107f    The Gentleman
    a4653e61-f8e8-4b70-b557-5f9d080c5709    Symphony Essentials - String Ensemble
    b6bd7064-80c2-4d4a-a266-3acf025c47ad    Evolve R2
    64732b4a-568f-4621-a13f-e205dcd23849    Action Strikes
    8f244475-49f2-4548-93a4-f8e24539901d    Scarbee MM-Bass
    d8e0fb5c-68ab-4859-b96e-e6f7f01ea35d    Scarbee Pre-Bass
    9b71b5fd-1c06-412a-9f17-83be07c1ea35    India
    d67d59a2-0a55-4574-8577-99c5220b96fb    Cuba
    ebd03fa6-bb2d-4275-bfb7-778c24d712b2    Battery 4 Factory Library
    4a602cbe-9e7e-43e5-957c-50e85acf0b6d    Drum Lab
    00b224af-b357-4dfe-9929-414bbdf97d6f    Absynth
    87428fa0-ebcd-4102-9935-64f932b2fdf7    Scarbee Jay-Bass
    fd39836e-302c-4892-8cd3-249c4fdaccbf    Evolve Mutations
    cb8873f8-e516-41a0-89ee-386e116e3e78    Balinese Gamelan
    c7d638f7-afea-4f20-a760-c029a9156ea5    Symphony Essentials - Brass Solo
    9a53fb08-ac38-4757-9eef-f017b9797618    Kinetic Metal
    cc61c7fa-f45b-4748-8958-567ec187e930    Evolve Mutations 2
    d61654f3-8059-43dd-91c3-424cda8fbabc    Vintage Organs
    7aea8f0e-b5be-4394-8f23-8d04091890e8    West Africa
    5c7426db-e6cb-4074-aba6-22ebf03934a1    Guitar Rig
    3cede7e3-b10d-4c72-a6cb-fe5217399507    Kontakt
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  2. Damasy

    Damasy New Member

    I guess there is a problem with ISO images (Install a bootable disk),as what your said"Copy the ISO to the hard disk".In general,the iSO images/files cannot be copied arbitrarily.
    Try this:https://www.iseepassword.com/iso-editor.html
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2019
  3. mykejb

    mykejb NI Product Owner

    Nope ... it's not a problem with the ISO images, they're fine. That particular Windows update blocked mounting an ISO image from an exFAT formatted drive. My fix was to xcopy everything from the supplied exFAT formatted disk to an NTFS formatted external drive. Once I'd done that the install worked perfectly.

    K12 installed perfectly without copying stuff around so I guess either Microsoft fixed the problem or K12 was supplied on a non exFAT partition.

  4. Psyearth5

    Psyearth5 NI Product Owner

    I have really bad feelings saying this but I have to...NI must repere it for ever,we are paying for the product but for the guys with crack version is no problem easy live so I'm so confused....problem started soon as I shifted in ot WIN 10,everyone saying that it's time to do leave 7. So I did it and regreted...and it's sad because I don't have actually really DVD Unit in 2019? I mean comon don't let us down...are bealive to Windows or NI ?I am prepared to work with LINUX just to feel safe and to continue with Music if it would be possible solution
    Last edited: Dec 31, 2019
  5. Psyearth5

    Psyearth5 NI Product Owner

  6. Psyearth5

    Psyearth5 NI Product Owner

    ...are we have to become programers?to resolve our problems,I Think that every NI user have that feeling that something is not right and as much this threds making a pressure I still think that we users feel heavier on us and we all wish for solution not for this posting and comn NI do it, make ours live a little easier...Thank you in advance