Install Paranormal Spectrums on High Sierra

Discussion in 'KORE' started by elxsound, Apr 8, 2018.

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    I have successfully installed all my Kore 2 software and sound packs on a new MAC, EXCEPT Paranormal Spectrums.

    1) To get all of the libraries installed, if there was a .mpkg install file, I chose the "show package contents" option because the installer would not work. Again... this worked for ALL other libraries.
    2) Under Packages of the installer, there are two install files (Paranormal Spectrums Factory Content and Paranormal Spectrums Library).
    3) Paranormal Spectrums Factory Content installs fine.

    4) ***The Paranormal Spectrums Library install ends in an *Error message* (again the only one for which this happened)

    --The files for Paranormal Spectrum (sounds and samples) have all been installed---

    Kore 2 will not import this library after the install.

    ***Does anyone know what should be installed (besides the library/sounds) in order to get Kore 2 to recognize/import this library into the database? I've already rescanned without luck, so I imagine this must have to do with activating the library, but I'm not sure what should be there.

    The other libraries that installed correctly:

    57 Drawbar
    Absynth Spectral Expansion
    Deep Reconstructions
    Essential Bass
    Electronic Experience
    Massive Threat
    North India
    True Strike
    Urban Assault
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    Did you ever get any help or joy with this? - I'm having the exact same problem - all OTHER soundpacks install (after a bit of tinkering) - this one installs but I cannot get the path to be saved, so I need to manually search for the samples each time.
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    My main MBP is running 10.14.6 (Mojave) and here is my suggestion:

    Go to your installer .mpkg
    Right mouse click the .mpkg file - Show Package Contents
    From /Contents/Packages you can access the individual .pkg files and run them separately.

    I've experienced this issue before and was able to replicate the issue you describe last night using an old Persons compilation of Kore Sounds (this was some freebie / giveaway from years ago... lots of sounds... 200 in total, but all from existing or factory sound packs.)

    I don't know if you observe the same or if this is a different issue.

    In my test I found running the .mpkg did not install the samples at /Kore 2 Sample Content/KoreSoundPacks/Presonus Vol. 1

    Try running the Installers individually. You can always use something like Pacifist (shareware application that opens Mac OS X .pkg package file) to access the content of the individual .pkg installers if necessary.

    The last time I had a problem with the sample path not being retained was in Kore Player - at the time I no longer had a license for Kore 2 - and the issue was with Essential Bass and Acoustic Refractions. Until I purchased a license for Kore 2 on the second hand market (had been years since I'd last owned it.) Once I defined the paths in Kore 2 - Kore Player worked as expected, but obviously is redundant to me now. Preferences > General > Library

    Hope this is useful - keeping deprecated software running is... interesting.
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    Thanks for your reply - I’ll reply back once I’ve had a play.