Installing Duplicates? (Strummed Acoustic, Strings Pro etc.)

Discussion in 'KONTAKT' started by Nathan Donnelly, Mar 4, 2019.

  1. Nathan Donnelly

    Nathan Donnelly New Member

    Hi all,

    I recently built a new computer and am reinstalling my copy of Komplete 12 Ultimate on it. Instead of just hitting install all (like before) I am trying to properly manage and sort the installation of all of my programs and media. That being said, I know there are a ton of things I don't think I need to install. As far as I'm aware, these are the ones that I for sure don't need, although I would like some clarification:

    - Kinetic Treats (because I have Kinetic Toys)
    - Kontakt 5 (because I have Kontakt [listed as, instead of being aptly named Kontakt 6])
    - Kontakt Factory Selection (because I have Kontakt Factory Library)
    - Maschine Drum Selection (because I have Maschine 2 Factory Library)
    - Replika (because I have Replika XT)
    - Reaktor 5 (because I have Reaktor 6)
    - Session Horns (because I have Session Horns Pro)
    - Session Strings (because I have Session Strings Pro & Session Strings Pro 2)
    - Supercharger (because I have Supercharger GT)
    - TRK-01 Bass & TRK-01 Kick (because I have TRK-01)

    This a list of software that I do believe you need to install, even though the names of which are quite similar, they provide added content:
    - I am pretty sure you need all Evolve Mutations (Evolve Mutations, Evolve Mutations 2, Evolve R2)
    - I am pretty sure you need all items titled Reaktor nix Reaktor 5 (Reaktor Blocks, Reaktor Blocks Wired, Reaktor Factory Library, Reaktor Factory Selection R2)

    And finally, the reason I made this thread, is I am unaware if I need the previous version of the following? I would really like an answer to this:
    - do I need Session Guitarist - Strummed Acoustic (because I have Session Guitarist - Strummed Acoustic 2)
    - do I need Session Strings Pro (because I have Session Strings Pro 2) - I know I mentioned this above, and I saw in a previous thread that I do not, but I would just like some additional clarification.

  2. EvilDragon

    EvilDragon Moderator Moderator

    You don't need Reaktor Factory Selection if you have the factory library installed.

    Strummed Acoustic and SA2 are completely different. SSP2 contains all the SSP content and expands upon it.

    You're correct about the rest. Now, if you have any projects containing the "lesser" stuff, of course you will want to have that installed anyways.
  3. Nathan Donnelly

    Nathan Donnelly New Member

    Great. Thanks for your help EvilDragon.
  4. Sempai45

    Sempai45 New Member

    Thank you both! I had the exact same question as I am switching DAW computers and just upgraded to KU12.