Intakt "Physical Memory is Getting Low!" Errors

Discussion in 'INTAKT' started by DR, Aug 5, 2010.

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  1. DR

    DR NI Product Owner

    I have tried Intakt on a Windows 7 64 bit PC because I miss its simplicity and superiority in dealing with loops.

    I get a memory error when loading anything.

    It seems fine to work with but I wondered if there is an easy solution. I am using the latest 1.0.3 update on the NI site under My Komplete 2 updates. Is there another update? Or maybe as way to enable DFD in Intakt? I have read online that there is a V. update but I only see 1.0.3.
  2. ew

    ew Moderator Moderator

    The problem's that Intakt uses 31 bit addressing as far as RAM goes; it's not large address aware. This means that anything over 2 GB system use (besides the OS) or 4+ GB RAM installed will give you that error- the rightmost 31 bits will be zeros, and Intakt will read your system as having no RAM.

    The 1.0.3 version's the last version, and Intakt uses DFD already. Some people have reported luck using LaaTiDo to make Intakt large address aware:

Thread Status:
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