Intakt (StormDrum-1) SnowLeopard, DP-7?

Discussion in 'INTAKT' started by anthropy, Apr 30, 2010.

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  1. anthropy

    anthropy NI Product Owner

    I'm trying to use the first release of StormDrum (SD-1) with DP7 in Snow Leopard. I installed it, and can use it stand alone, so I know it works in Sn.L., but can't get it to show up in DP. It doesn't show up in Logic 9 either.

    I've downloaded the Stormdrum_Intakt_ AU_Hotfix and it didn't seem to do anything. I ran the "Stormdrum Intakt Updater", and the version says ""

    Is anyone successful using SD-1 in Sn.L.? Is there a fix I don't know about?
    Robert Watson
    MacPro 8 core 2.26, 10.6.2, 16GB RAM
  2. Konsidered

    Konsidered NI Product Owner

    The Intakt/Kompakt players that SD1 came with were PPC only, therefore for your Intel Mac you'll need to download the free Kontakt4 Player and they'll show up there just fine.
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