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    Maschine since the early days of the Mk1 has improved with so many more aspects to its use, that I believe it should have an integrated tutorial.

    Let's face it how many of us reads the manual? It's presented as a single volume with both the software and hardware controls side by side, so that it's hard to plough throw. A more practical way to learn all those aspects to the Maschine would be a tutorial taking you from first principles to the latest features. This could be developed as an add on feature you launch along side the main program.

    It would cover the practicals, as well as the theory behind those actions. The key idea would be to develop that 'muscle memory' (workflow memory) by doing, following a step by step project, rather than simply reading how to.

    At each stage you could load either your previous attempts at the project, or load a presaved project, to practice the next level of controls, by adding the next level of song details. E.g. The latest features.

    Other daws can see the benefits of this feature so why not Maschine?
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