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Interactive DJ ideas !

Discussion in 'General DJ Forum' started by migsk8, Jul 18, 2013.

  1. migsk8

    migsk8 Forum Member

    ok so i want some ideas on how to have a more interactive environment with my crowd. Some of my dance floors im thinking about throwing floats and props overboard.

    costume themed parties in my area are kind of hard to pull off because nobody will ever dress up -_____-

    i would like some previous experiences or ideas/stories from you guys about things that have and have NOT worked. does not ave to be rave related, just dance party related.

    this video is what sparked the idea. such a cool environment


    yes thats in spain and I'm in the U.S.
  2. Stazbumpa

    Stazbumpa NI Product Owner

    Not sure if its helpful, but about 3 weeks ago the club I play in did a themed night. It was a beach party, so we covered the dance floor with about 3 tons of sand and removed the pool table in one room to make way for a large paddling pool (pool room, see what we did there? :cool:).
    We had beach balls, decks chairs, and an inflatable crocodile appeared from somewhere, and we had about 200 people dancing about in swimwear. Drinks were served as normal or for a bit extra you got a bit more served in a bucket that you would use for building sand castles ;)

    Full on win was had by all.
  3. migsk8

    migsk8 Forum Member

    this sounds like an amazing idea, those are the cool suggestions im looking for
  4. EDM Producer

    EDM Producer New Member

    This idea isn't so much themed, but it'll cost you $100. Have you heard of the Numark Orbit? A lot of people really underestimate it. I'm probably going to purchase one in the near future just because it makes the DJ interact with the crowd better. You can DJ from anywhere really. Just go up to people and let them play around with it. Let them "be the DJ". It'll really excite people and they'll have a story to tell. There's already a Traktor mapping with it too.