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Is a Guitar Rig Standalone Version of Vintage Compressors Available

Discussion in 'STUDIO FX' started by Gunner Z, Dec 7, 2013.

  1. Gunner Z

    Gunner Z New Member

    I just picked up Vintage Compressors during the Thanksgiving sales and expected them to be Products within Guitar Rig Standalone. I have seen them in You Tube videos as products within Guitar Rig. I successfully installed them and see them as a plug in through Garage band. Is a Guitar Rig 5 version on Vintage compressors available? I have submitted 3 support tickets to NI since my purchase on 11/30/13 and have yet to get a response. Disappointing.
  2. Zizi

    Zizi New Member

    I have VC 160 FX and I was looking for GR5 support.
    It seems that "Vintage Compressors GR5" and "Vintage Compressors MK2" licenses are discontinued (support only for existing users).
    Only "Vintage Compressors FX" available now. :(