Is KA6 capable of this?

Discussion in 'NI Audio Interfaces' started by von Klamke, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. von Klamke

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    i'm in need of an audio interface with some specific requirements for a live play, and I don't have the sufficient technical knowledge to make a reasonable decision.
    The feature I need is to be able to: Have a main stereo output (obviously), the second output, which may be in mono, with only click or a metronome track of sorts (for a live drummer to keep in sync with loops), and on a headphones output - mix of main output and drummers' click/metronome track (for me - to be in sync while playing live parts/launching scenes etc.)
    I know that theoretically drummer can have the same cue mix as me, and basically every 4out interface would be sufficient, but the drummers I gig with complain, that hearing me so loudly in their headphones throws them out of rythm (yeah, like it's my fault they play uneven... :) )

    So, as the title says - can I do it with KA6? Or maybe other interface? For what should I look in tech specs to be able to tell if the gear can handle it?
    Oh, and changing the drummer is not an option :)

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