Is there still a Kompakt - Kontakt crossgrade?

Discussion in 'KOMPAKT' started by daremo, Sep 2, 2007.

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  1. daremo

    daremo NI Product Owner

    Obviously I'm behind the times - I have the Sony Acid Kompakt OEM but I have never used it... I couldn't really figure it out, but now I have a keyboard MIDI'd to my PC so I can at least play the sounds.
    anyway, is there still an upgrade/crossgrade path?
  2. kidtronic

    kidtronic NI Product Owner

    crossgrade upgarde confusion

    I'm in the same boat, I just went new computer dual-core and VISTA only to find my gigastudio 3 orchestral will not be upgarded to VISTA until version 4. They want me to buy GVI. Right now I run my giga files (32 gig of them) through kompakt via acid pro rewired into Live 6. Clumsy. Now I learn here in a forum that my software, kompakt, is discontinued in a footnote of some press release. no email to me from NI, I am a registered customer (granted OEM via Sony).

    Under vista all the downloads from Sony now fail including upgrades for my new sound forge 9. What is going on out there in software land?

    Hello, I am this oddity called a customer? Sorry to bother anyone, I know your all very busy, etc. Sheesh.

    After 30 years in electronica I am getting unhappy with digital upgrades and deals that lead to dead ends like this. My last live gig (July 2007) was all analog gear. it all worked and will work next year.
  3. Markus @ NI

    Markus @ NI NI Team NI Team

    Hi all,

    yes, you can still crossgrade to Kontakt 2 for 60% of the normal price!

    this crossgrade is available for all versions of Kompakt, Intakt, and Kontakt Player. i.e. the versions from Native Instruments that were discontinued in 10/2006, all OEM versions, and all versions that come with third party sample libraries.

  4. al_b

    al_b NI Product Owner

    kompakt acid pro > kontakt 3

    Hi, Is the kontakt 3 crossgrade also possible from kompakt acid pro edition ?

    many thanks .

  5. MartinHines

    MartinHines NI Product Owner

    I believe so, but you could always verify with NI Sales.

    If you look under "Pricing and Availability" it states:
    just make sure you get the Kontakt 3 "CROSSGRADE", not the UPDATE:
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