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It's Christmas, give NI a break ;-) ios 7

Discussion in 'TRAKTOR DJ (for iPhone and iPad)' started by djsince74, Dec 23, 2013.

  1. djsince74

    djsince74 Forum Member


    I'm one of the people who have been feeling pretty hacked off about Traktor equipment and Ipad software.

    But, from looking around the Net I can see that it is not only Traktor who are having these problems with ios 7.

    Numark, Akai, Novation, and a host of others are still not offering support for ios 7.

    I'm a bit annoyed because I just bought an Akai Synthstation and isn't compatible, so its going back to Amazon.

    The Novation Synthstation is not supported for ios7 either so I can't buy one of those.

    It's very dissapointing paying £450 on an Ipad for music use and then finding out that I can't use it for what I intended 3 months later. In my book the blame goes to the operating system, not the manufacturers trying to keep up.

    The sales person in the shop updated the software from 6 to 7 for me and I wish I had known then what I know now.

    Never had this trouble when I built my own speaker cabs and integrated DJ Decks in the 70s.
  2. basile

    basile NI Product Owner

    I agree.

    Strangely pioneer are the only company who have navigated past iOS 7 issues by

    - Fixed an issue where a noise is heard in the audio output when iPad with iOS7 is used with DDJ-WeGO.
     Changed the bitrate of DDJ-WeGO as USB audio device from 24bit to 16bit.
     This update is required only for iOS7 users.

    Pioneers wego connects through the camera kit tho, so this may be the reason they got sorted quickly
  3. djtsmooth

    djtsmooth Forum Member

    How is it that pioneer and there consumer line controller got it sorted before everyone else.. so frustrating
  4. basile

    basile NI Product Owner

    As i said pioneer use the usb port provided by the camera connector kit, so its possibly a slightly different issue than straight from the lightning connector itself
  5. djtsmooth

    djtsmooth Forum Member

    Well if Pioneer came up with that as a solution even if its a temporary one, how hard would it be for someone from novation to atleast suggest this. The 2 month silent treatment from them is beyond ridiculous.
  6. Wayneibz

    Wayneibz Forum Member

    here here...