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    Apple just released Logic Pro 10.5 for MacOS 10.15. We found out that Crush Pack, Mod Pack, Replika, and Replika XT will crash.

    Our teams are currently working on a fix, and we hope to have this out to you as soon as we can!

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iTunes album star rating is being used instead of the track one

Discussion in 'Archive' started by ffntal, Jan 21, 2020.

  1. ffntal

    ffntal New Member

    iTunes assigns a hidden and not modifiable album star rating whenever you rate a track within the album (i.e. you rate track #1 from album A with 5 stars, then album A star rating becomes 5 stars too).

    The problem is that when importing unrated tracks from iTunes, Traktor just picks up whatever rating the album from this song has, instead of leaving it blank. So you end up in a situation where you rated one single song of an album with 5 stars in iTunes and after importing several songs from the same album to Traktor they all end up with a 5 star rating.

    I believe this bug has been in place since Traktor 2.x so I was expecting that with the new Apple Music integration it would have been fixed. Hope you guys have time to address it.
  2. Almaz

    Almaz NI Product Owner