New iTunes xml causes crashes in Traktor 2.11.x if diacritic marks are present

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    as mentioned:
    - in ticket id1503820 (I assume, as there is no ticket ID anymore, but this is a string inside the zendesk email I got sent, which I assume links to an internal ticket...)
    - in forum -
    - in PM to Friedemann

    In essence - I have an iTunes xml that keeps crashing Traktor 2.11.x+ abruptly & and which apparently has been reported by other people before, and has been logged as:
    • TP-12060 - Traktor 2.11.1 & 2.11.2 crashes on startup with "ucrtbase.dll"
    Unfortunately, all of the above communication channels have remained un-answered for weeks now, despite the request for a dialogue on this on all channels.

    If you want it let me know, but the explanation here should be enough to reproduce this - after debugging this, I now have an itunes xml with a single file entry that crashes all Traktor 2.11.x versions (yet works as expected in Traktor 2.6.8+, as well as Serato SSL 2.5, SDJ 1.9.x+, SDJ Pro 2.x+, Rekordbox 5.x+ & VDJ), which clearly shows what the problem is with the recent Traktor versions...
    And turns out it's the mere presence of diacritic marks & umlaut letters inside the xml (as a numeric character reference (NCR), eg ä for ä ) again...
    We had that same issue a few times post 2.6.8 Traktor if I remember correctly, although with files & metadata I think... so here's a request as well, as another string of buggy releases as we had years ago would be highly damaging to Traktor's new found life imo:
    Please NI Devs & Management, put some unit tests in place to make life easier for us as users, and yourself... and if you have some in place already, double check them as something is clearly off when simple to test things such as this start slipping through again.

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    I've attached a crash log from macOS. The error:
    Even worse, if the filename contains any unencoded UTF-8 character, the track completely disappears from the iTunes node without any errors. Even though the file exists and is added to the Traktor collection.

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