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Keep highlighted row in the browser vertically centered whenever possible.

Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by kokernutz, Feb 23, 2020.

  1. kokernutz

    kokernutz NI Product Owner

    I think the desktop app could borrow something back from the D2/S5/S8 screens, where the highlighted row in the browser is anchored to the vertical center of the viewable section of the browser. (Unless you are at the true top or bottom of the track listing, just like the D2/S5/S8.)

    I understand that this may not be possible or desirable in certain circumstances, such as when you are using the trackpad/mouse to scroll. Also, getting the layout right so the centering is pixel perfect may be tricky due to the variable height of the browser listing due to different window sizes, font size, line-height size, etc. (I know I had to play with the QML a lot to get the centering pixel-perfect in my mods when toggling between 7/9 lines in the browser.)

    However, I really like the browser experience on the D2/S5/S8. (Despite getting an S4 MK3 and using it as my primary controller.)

    Currently, re-sorting the browser (bpm/key/comments/etc) often makes the highlighted line go "off-screen" ("WHERE AM I???") and I need to use the browser encoder on my S4 to "find" it, which then makes the browser jump to the highlighted line's current location. That is jarring to me.

    Also when scrolling up/down and the highlighted row is at the top/bottom of the window, that does not necessarily mean you are at the first or last track in the list. It is possible to keep scrolling, and you will only know if you are at the first/last if the highlighted row stops moving, or you are paying attention to the scroll bars. Having the highlighted row be centered and only "moving" to the top of the bottom of the window when you are at the start/end of the list is a good visual hint that you are approaching the true end of the list.

    I suspect that D2/S5/S8 users will immediately understand this and those who use other controllers may not understand the benefit of this.

    (Bonus points for NI: You should also expose more metadata in the browser/track objects so mod makers can do/display more. And while you are at it, expose the QML for the desktop app itself. :D)