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Keep old boxes of Komplete?

Discussion in 'KONTAKT' started by Richard_L, Mar 12, 2015.

  1. Richard_L

    Richard_L NI Product Owner

    What do you do with your old Komplete packages & disks? I have boxes of old Komplete versions I don't need but keep...just in case. They are taking up more space than I'd like.

    I expect the issue is an older song that used Kontakt 3 or older iteration of other instrument that I may want to edit; need to have the old original disks, just in case?

    Or can I download older version from NI site and not have to store old boxed disk set versions?

  2. EvilDragon

    EvilDragon Moderator Moderator

    Keep the disks, throw the boxes. :D
  3. UltimateOutsider

    UltimateOutsider NI Product Owner

    I wouldn't count on the software always being downloadable. Keep those discs and registration cards.

    I bought Komplete 2 and 3 from someone on eBay... they didn't know the status of the serials, but they promised to refund me if I couldn't register them. Sadly, the serial numbers wouldn't work, so the seller refunded me and let me keep the boxes.

    Komplete 2 included printed manuals for all the instruments. Amazing. I'm keeping all that even if I can't use the software.
  4. Richard_L

    Richard_L NI Product Owner

    I finally checked back...thanks for input. I will keep disks and serials, at least.
  5. Cornell Bentley

    Cornell Bentley NI Product Owner

    the same happened to me but they wouldn't refund the money ..
  6. Mick @ NI

    Mick @ NI Banaholic NI Team

    Was it really worth kicking up a 3,5 year old thread for this? :D
  7. Cornell Bentley

    Cornell Bentley NI Product Owner

    All do respect sir, it actually was :) knowing that you aren't alone tends to lead persons to be less frustrated and also more productive members of society, but blessing and may you have a great day ...

    PS: the thread could have been locked to prevent further comments, similarly to other post i've seen while attempting to bond with other in this lovely community :)
  8. BIF

    BIF NI Product Owner

    In this case, I also don't mind reviving an old thread. The boxes aren't fancy anymore, but I used to keep the box for about a year or until the next version came out, then I would get a pair of scissors and cut off the back panel with all the pretty pictures; then recycle the remainder of the box.

    I have kept my old DVD and HDD install discs, but it's rare that I would go back to one older than the most current version. Except in the current case, and that is because I haven't yet upgraded to K12U. There are no price discounts, so no reason to do so this holiday season. I'd rather buy things that actually have a significantly discounted price.

    That and Native Access still terrifies me. Sorry, it was THAT BAD upon release that I still don't trust it. I'd rather upgrade my Arturia, Cubase, Live, or other software that doesn't scare me that much. Plus, a lot of those are cheaper than K12U too.