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Key tracking with filter

Discussion in 'Building With Reaktor' started by Voxxool, Mar 13, 2020.

  1. Voxxool

    Voxxool New Member

    I was recently working through tutorials and making basic synths using blocks... and I noticed that key tracking with the filter from the pitch of the note in isn't working at all. I have the knob in the lower left of the filter turned to 1 and the amplitude of the knob all the way up... what am I missing here?
  2. ShelLuser

    ShelLuser NI Product Owner

    Can you show or share the entire ensemble rack? Because without more context this question cannot be answered..
  3. Big Gnome

    Big Gnome NI Product Owner

    All you have to do is patch from the midi input/sequencer/etc. into the filter's pitch input and raise the keytracking knob. There's no particular reason to mess with the modulation busses (which I see you have nothing patched into to begin with). Like this:

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  4. Voxxool

    Voxxool New Member

    I my rack is very similar to Big Gnome's... as I said before I have the pitch output from the Note In going into the pitch input on the same filter you have there... and nothing is happening. Should I not see the cutoff knob change with different notes?... if not then I should at least hear something with the highest and lowest notes... and I am not filterprob.png
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  5. colB

    colB NI Product Owner

    You do have to adjust the cutoff knob to get the tuning right. And remember that any other modulation applied to the cutoff will also have an impact - e.g. an envelope...

    I notice that you have modulated the key follow amount by the 'A' modulation, and maxed it out. So the amount of key follow will be controlled by envelope 1. This will not give you any sort of steady pitch based cutoff tuning?

    What kind of effect are you trying to achieve with key-follow?
  6. gentleclockdivider

    gentleclockdivider NI Product Owner

    As others have already said
    The keytracking knob affects the amount of key tracking , when set to 100 % this will track the filter according to the received pitches , you could see this knob as an already hardwired connection ( internally )
    You don't want to modulate this value again with the a/b input .
  7. Voxxool

    Voxxool New Member

    Actually as Big Gnome said you can see I actually am not modulating through A... I erroneously thought I needed to turn up the amplitude for key tracking through the modulation controls to make it work, as I was trying everything. I'm not sure what effect I'm going for... just want to to see it working, which it presently is not.

    Modulating the cutoff frequency with an envelope through the Mod A input works... but the key tracking through the pitch input does not.
  8. Voxxool

    Voxxool New Member

    So I experimented with the following set up to see the effects of key tracking... I was able to hear/see the effect of key tracking with the filter set low while playing the highest and lowest notes. On other tutorials for other synths the effect of key tracking was so pronounced it sounded like different notes between adjacent notes played. I thought that just it set the filter to the fundamental frequency of the note played... am I wrong? Maybe the slope of the filters that I heard before were steeper... Keytracking.png