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KK Missing ALL libraries after installing K12U upgrade

Discussion in 'KOMPLETE KONTROL SERIES' started by outsounder, Jan 7, 2020.

  1. outsounder

    outsounder New Member

    Got Komplete 12 Ultimate upgrade for christmas on a hard drive, loads of issues installing it as Native Access kept hanging on individual libraries, not quitting and needing to restart (Windows PC) it was all ok until the sound

    After two days getting it all installed, ran Komplete Kontrol and theres nothing in there, there's years of collecting and updating libraries to NKS over a number hard drives, quite a few showing in kontakt's library tabs, tries rescanning, rebuilding etc etc etc to no avail. It was ll going ok and everythings was present and correct up until the machine expansion. Not amused in the least about this,

    I see a few reporst of similar in forums, any one have advice on hoe to rectify this?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. pranaearth

    pranaearth NI Product Owner

    Some of the products in Ultimate can be found in Reaktor, Guitar Rig 5, and Maschine.
    If some of your sample libraries in Kontakt arent showing up, go into Native Access and see where there are located and double check to see if, indeed they are located where NA thinks they are.
    If not you can relocate from within NA and all should be fine.
  3. JesterMgee

    JesterMgee NI Product Owner

    Have you checked your Preferences > Library and confirmed everything is all set?
    Have you tried a rescan on your libraries?
    Do no results display at all in the KK browser?
    Are you looking in the Standalone app or in a VST loaded in a DAW?
    If you have nothing in KK, do you see results in Maschine?

    Not clear what you mean by:

    What "Maschine Expansion"?

    Some screen shots may help
  4. outsounder

    outsounder New Member

    Thanks for replies everyone, I uninstalled komplete Kontrol and also creator tools as that was just going straight into "not responding" at launch, then manually cleaned up the leftover files before reinstalling and done a rescan and it's all back to how it should be. I haven't reinstalled the Montagu library selection as I don't need that nor creator tools as it's probably not something I would really use. For Machine Expansion I meant the 22 Soundpacks that come with KU12, I don't own maschine, (I have S88 MK1)

    As I mentioned, it was all ok until after the sound pack install, up to that point I had installed all the new instruments manually and having a play around with them as native access was hanging and not quitting\wouldn't shut down and seemingly not finishing the install. n I installed the sound packs, I set it to install all that where left and went for food,when I came back it was all over the place showing it had installed a few, was hanging on the kontakt selection which I didn't need any way and was also hanging on creator tools and I had to do a reset on the pc as complete control would just not shut down.I

    I suspect all the hanging and freezing in native access and having to reset/restart the pc must have corrupted the database somehow. I'll point out the problems I've had to NI.
  5. pranaearth

    pranaearth NI Product Owner

    You can use the soundpacks even if you don't have Maschine. They come with loops/samples that can be used in Battery 4