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komplete 7 libraries, how to install? (windows)

Discussion in 'Product Installation and Activation (Archive)' started by box fresh, Sep 9, 2010.

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  1. box fresh

    box fresh New Member

    i've just installed the komplete 7 apps, i did specify a destination drive and folder for the content. only thing is... i was never asked to pop in the content dvd's.


    how do i install the libraries?

    do i just drop them into the empty library folder one by one?
    if so... what exactly do i drop there?

    or is there an installer?

    if i try to modify the installation i'm not able to specify a destination for the libraries.

    any help would be very much welcome.

  2. SRangel

    SRangel New Member

  3. sburdo

    sburdo New Member

    It's all one monolithic installer

    After you excitedly specify your locations and what to install on the first few screens, it will just prompt for each of the DVDs successively in order, installing the apps first and then the libraries. Expect to spend the next 10 hours installing it, changing the DVD every 40 minutes or so. If it isn't prompting for all the DVDs make sure you have specified you want everything. But I've seen it not prompt for some DVDs for no apparent reason.

    The installer isn't clever either - if something goes wrong your only option seems to be to start the installer again and go through the whole thing again. Or if it only misses something small in the library you could use a different machine to just install that library again and copy the files over to your real installation. I did this to get the Vienna and Berlin pianos after the original install gave an unzipping error. You can't rerun the installer on your machine and just select one thing since this will start uninstalling everything you already have.

    I do hope the next Komplete comes with a better installer since the product is really too big now for such an inflexible monster of an installer.
  4. flamen

    flamen New Member

    Komplete 7 Elements installation

    hello sburdo,

    I had the same problem, due to an incomplete ( funny thing) install of Komplete disc A. It's a nuance of NI folks, because they have forgotten to warn about this passage in the instructions, both on paper and pdf.

    If you run a full installation of A, that means all the box cases positively selected, Reaktor included, at the end you will be prompted to insert the disc B, containing the needed libraries and that's all.

    If this prompt didn't appear it could mean that you left theReaktor box cases unselected during A installation. Was this the case, install disc A again , take a careful look at the screen where you are asked to choose the destination folder of libraries, select the three boxes of Reaktor, and when finsihed you will be requested to insert disc B.

    good luck
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