Komplete Audio 6 - No output from Mic or 3/4

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    Having just bought this interface, I'm having a few issues setting it up......it's ready for being launched out the window, so any help would be appreciated!

    Below is my current setup:
    2010 MacBook running Mavericks OSX – 2.4Ghz Core 2 Duo & 8GB RAM
    Maschine MK2 – Connected through USB
    M-Audio Air 25 – Connected through USB
    Pioneer DDJ-SX
    Komplete Audio 6 Interface
    KRK Rokit 6 G3 Monitors

    DAW: Cubase, Maschine 2.0, Reason

    I’ve installed the interface as per the instructions, activated it through Service Centre and updated all components. I have routed my system sounds through the KA6 and it works through the main output 1&2, my Maschine 2 & Air 25 also plays through main output channels 1&2 no problems.
    I have connected a mic up through Input 1 and although it is showing a flashing green light during input there is nothing being output. I have tried it through Maschine, Cubase etc. and cannot get it to output. I’ve also tried it on input 2, changing cables etc. and it does the same…..shows input but no output. Should this automatically route through your main output or does it have to be routed in someway?

    I also connected up my DDJ SX through Input 3 & 4 and again this shows an input signal but nothing coming to an output channel....Again my only thought is that it requires routing but my control panel shows no options to route and in fact refers me to my Mac's MIDI settings.

    I've exhausted every option I can think of, so short of sending it back, is there anything I've missed or can do?

    Any help would be really appreciated!
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    In your DAW, check the audio settings in the preferences and make sure that your in-/outputs and tracks are set up correctly:
    The direct monitoring feature only works for the front-inputs-1/2: KA6 Direct Monitoring
    For monitoring input-3/4 take a look at LineIn or do the routing inside your DAW.

    You can also check for the latest drivers and firmware of the KA6 in the download area
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