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Komplete Kontrol and Cubase 8 Pro Still No Working Focus (Windows 7 64 bit)

Discussion in 'KOMPLETE KONTROL SERIES' started by Scotty_123, May 31, 2015.

  1. compactus

    compactus NI Product Owner

    This isn't a problem. Everything's working fine... Except (see thread) track focus o_O
  2. Kimbo72

    Kimbo72 NI Product Owner

    I have the problem that my transport knobs make sounds the same as the hi key's.
    So when i push the rec button i hear a sound and cubase 8 record that sound.
    I also can not record full chord whit in the scale mode.
    Cubase 8 record only the root key of the chord.
  3. compactus

    compactus NI Product Owner

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  4. Kimbo72

    Kimbo72 NI Product Owner

    Oke and where can i find the midi set up?
    In device ore same where else?

    The second thing i have try but not always works for me.

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  5. compactus

    compactus NI Product Owner

    As seen on your picture, the upper right side. Uncheck no 2 and 3.

    To get MIDI out working, you have to really check if you did everything right. Commonly you miss something.
    I'm quite not happy with that way, hope that will change with the summer update.
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  6. soapmak3r

    soapmak3r NI Product Owner

    In Cubase 8, when I create more than 1 instance of KK, or create a new MIDI note lane for an instance of KK, the light guide doesn't work, or it doesn't change between instances of KK when I select them. So I select a different instance of KK, but the light guide stays on the last created instance of KK...

    Is this what people are talking about here? Pretty frustrating. Does it work ok with Cubase 6.5?
  7. digilog_

    digilog_ New Member

    For me track focus and changing the settings automatically with some (many) Komplete Kontrol instances is working on Cubase 8.0.20 64-bit and Windows 8.1 with Komplete Kontrol 1.1.

    But there are some things which could be improved:
    • If there is a Maschine instance, Komplete Kontrol won't change automatically to the Maschine preset, have to press the Keyboard button inside the Maschine Plug.
    • Navigation only works if the instance window is closed, if it's open no navigation in Cubase and there is no possibilty to close the window from the Komplete Kontrol Keyboard.
    • Navigation only works if a folder (with some tracks inside) is open to select (to the specifc track). If it's closed there is no possibilty to open the Folder directly from the Komplete Kontrol Keyboard.
    • Chord and ARP-Out only works via Plugin Routing, would be create if it would works directly from the Keyboard without Plugin routing needed.
    • It would be great if the key split setting is stored directly in a Kontakt presets - so no manual adjustment per Kontakt preset is needed anymore (to keep the control keys visible)...
    • A possiblity to change presets if in Midi-Control mode for non Komplete Kontrol Plugs.

    But for the close / open Plugin Instance Window and the folder close / open thing I am using a Steinberg CMC Controller, which is in combination with the Komplete Kontrol Keyboard much more useful than before (and it also fits on the free space of the keyboard)...

    SO waiting for the next update to get all the advantages also for 3rd party and hopefully effects will be included into Komplete Kontrol sometimes (please also as effect pluging to build own effect chains - I still have KORE in mind).....
    Last edited: Jul 25, 2015
  8. Scotty_123

    Scotty_123 Member

    Ok. Cubase 8.03 and Komplete 1.2 - Komplete Kontrol S61 are still not retaining focus on Windows 7 64bit Pro. . When creating a project with Komplete Kontrol using Track Instruments only , track focus works properly until the project is closed and then reopened. Rack Instruments won't work at all. Is anyone having success with this specific configuration? When I first posted this were were at version 1.1 Komplete Kontrol and Cubase 8.02. Both applications have been updated and still no joy at least for me. Any ideas? - Scotty
  9. compactus

    compactus NI Product Owner

    Only way at the moment is to use the keyboard icon to switch to the active instance.
  10. Kimbo72

    Kimbo72 NI Product Owner

    Just buy a Nektar panorama totally no problems with track focus
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  11. CiRec

    CiRec New Member

    Bildschirmfoto 2016-01-04 um 00.33.57.png well, at least, i figured this out, and finally got it to work for my purposes. still not the best, but... thanks a lot for the help in these forums. actually, i have reactivated my account - or better made a new one, because unfortunately i lost access to my old email adress (i am an NI user since the first days of reaktor, long time no see).

    just to share this with you:

    after following all instructions i could find (mcu activation and deactivation of KK-DAW @all midi in) i still got track focusing just randomly working. so, after a lot of trial and error i found that i just have to...

    for example:
    setup a instrument track containing an instance of KK as the first instrument track in my project.
    setup as many instances of KK afterwards.
    after reopening my project, there are these important steps:

    activate the first KK instrument track in the project by clicking on it
    open the instrument gui by clicking on the edit button in the track
    click the keyboard icon to activate track focus

    from now on everything is working as intended ;)

    PS: Mac OSX 10.10, Cubase Pro 8.5, KK S49 with newest Firmware and Software.
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  12. barryfell

    barryfell NI Product Owner

    Not working for me either, (even with the above workaround). W10 x64, Cubase 8.5.10.
  13. Hywel

    Hywel New Member

    I sent the following Support Ticket query this week, NI's reply follows... Clearly this issue is rather longstanding.

    Having bought a S88 keyboard a couple of weeks ago and set it up properly as far
    as I can tell. I seem to have varying success with the auto focus function.
    Sometimes it works well and I can hop between KK tracks on Cubase Pro 8.5
    perfectly with the focus changing from track to track. Other times - usually
    within the same session, and often project it loses its auto focus function but
    the MIDI function remains allied to the track.
    Sometimes I have noticed when opening a Cubase project, a track starts off with
    auto focus active but then rapidly moves off this and the preset on the S88
    changes to TEMPLAT1.
    Help - this was one of the major features that drew me to this system of working!
    This is a known issue listed in our system [KBDSW-1350].
    Our Development Department is aware of this problem and is working to find a
    solution as quickly as possible, which will be available in a future update. Until
    then, we kindly ask you for your understanding and thank you for your patience.
    Best regards,
    Michael, Native Instruments Support Team
  14. Kimbo72

    Kimbo72 NI Product Owner

    This problem is a very old problem.
    And NI saying "Our Development Department is aware of this problem and is working to find a
    solution as quickly as possible" LOL!
    NI development department are to slow with update's.
  15. Alex H

    Alex H New Member

    I just installed the Komplete Kontrol 1.8 update (available since 1st March 2017) and it looks like this is still a problem with Cubase Pro 8.5.20 :(

  16. Kimbo72

    Kimbo72 NI Product Owner

    Even if you only use instrument tracks?
  17. unique_ni

    unique_ni Member

    Hi Alex H,

    Works for me though! I'm on Win7 x64 and using Cubase Pro 8.5.20.

    Maybe it is simply smth wrong with the hardware setup.
    Can you check whether in your Cubase Device Setup there are no "old" connections for Komplete Kontrol with Mackie Control?
    based on step2 from this article: https://support.native-instruments....-Steinberg-Cubase-Nuendo-for-KOMPLETE-KONTROL

    If that is the case, then I'd suggest to delete the old connection with Mackie Control > quit Cubase (you can also just add the Komplete Kontrol device in Cubase Device Setup, as in step3 in the article, but I'd recommend you to just quit the DAW and allow the hardware to connect automatically with the next step) > launch Cubase again and check if it works.
  18. Alex H

    Alex H New Member

    Ahh! As Kimbo72 mentioned, this seems to be a track/rack channel dependent issue! I tend to use rack instruments because I found them a bit more flexible (also probably a hangover from my days of using Cubase 5) , but it looks like they don't allow KK to follow track focus! I'm fairly sure I didn't see this mentioned at all in the documentation :/ I've tried with track channels and it works every time. SIGH.