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Komplete Kontrol MK2 + MCU + Reaper?

Discussion in 'KOMPLETE KONTROL SERIES' started by Nabumetheus, Jul 3, 2019.

  1. Nabumetheus

    Nabumetheus NI Product Owner

    Hello all -- I am wondering if anyone has successfully tested the new MCU support in the KKMK2 Firmware 0.5.9 with REAPER? I've updated my Komplete Kontrol to 2.1.3 -- and KKMK2 Firmware to 0.5.9....

    Then I went into REAPER's Settings, In the MIDI Devices I ensured all KK MIDI Ports are Disabled, then I went to Control Surface / OSC -> Add Device, and selected Mackie Control Universal --- then for the MIDI IN/Out Ports I selected "Komplete Kontrol 1 - DAW", and saved the preferences, and restarted reaper. But nothing happens?

    How do I get the reaper transport controls to light up? When I open Ableton, all the buttons on the KKMK2 illuminate -- I would expect the same to happen with reaper?

    What am I missing?

    p.s. I've also tried the "ReaKontrol.dll" Reaper Plugin that's been developed as an alternative to MCU -- to no avail--- I've placed it in my "UserPlugins" directory, and also nothing happens....
  2. ghizzu

    ghizzu New Member

    ReaKontrol.dll is much, much better than MCU with Reaper. At start it didn't work for me, either. Then something happened (I don't know what, maybe I've just reboot my PC) and it started working.
  3. Baer

    Baer NI Product Owner

    just as a quick remark: While the name of the plugin is "ReaKontrol" the filename of the dynamic link library is "reaper_kontrol.dll". Do not change the filename (why would you change it in the first place?). If you do, it won't work.
  4. Baer

    Baer NI Product Owner

    Rebooting can indeed resolve a problem with Native Instruments' driver NIHIA. I noticed that NIHIA has gotten more fussy with the latest MCU update. A faster way than rebooting is this:

    With Keyboard switched off, Reaper not running:
    1. Start Windows task manager and go to services tab
    2. Right click „NIHostIntegrationAgent“ (aka NIHIA) and restart the Service
    3. Switch on your keyboard
    4. Make sure the keyboard shows the MIDI screen. This shows that NIHIA communicates with the keyboard.
    5. Start Reaper. Now all lights on your keyboard should turn on.
  5. Nabumetheus

    Nabumetheus NI Product Owner

    edit: Removed reply concerning reaper_reakontrol.dll

    I am mainly concerned now why REAPER's MCU wont work with my Komplete Kontrol S88 MK, anyone have any ideas?
    Last edited: Jul 20, 2019