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    hi together,
    please let me know if im thinking right...
    i do not own a komplete kontrol keyboard, but the software..

    the question is..is it only possible to use komplete kontrol in maschine if you got a komplete kontrol keyboard?

    i can use it standalone, and as an aax plugin in pro tools, both works fine.
    in maschine no komplete kontrol plugin is available (is that right?)

    all plugin folders are correct located in the maschine prefs. and the vst etc files are in these folders as well.
    rescan doesn't help.
    i already did a clean deinstall of komplete kontrol and after reinstalling it, i open it as a standalone first..no change.

    mac os 10.13.3 high sierra
    maschine 2.7.10
    komplete kontrol 2.0.5

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    Danke für den Hinweis...ist mir im Nachhinein auch aufgefallen ✌️