Komplete Kontrol software 2.1.1 - MIDI button CC behavior / solution for global-channel only

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    Hi guys! Love the new KK 2.1.1 update especially when it can be used with generic midi controllers.

    Can you guys please release another update that only goes down/up ONE preset (or left/right ONE parameter page) when a midi button is assigned as Momentary? My specific controller (Axiom Air Mini 32) only allows Momentary control (not Toggle, etc) for its buttons (up/down/left/right). Other controllers are stuck in this way, too.

    A setting override (making "Momentary" or "Gate" behavior turn into "Trigger" or "Toggle") would be great. One button press, one movement in the software (as it should be).

    Right now, it is skipping a preset or parameter page (the knobs) because the button is acting as "press, midi message... release, the same midi message".

    This would be very helpful for A LOT of people out there.

    I'm a longtime NI user... own Maschine Studio, MK2, S49, S25 (both MK1). Just ordered an M32.

    Thank you!!!
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    This would be nice
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    Ah, the solution (this works for any midi keyboard controller that ONLY sends on one global midi channel, like the Axiom Air Mini 32, which I still love... AND which only transmits "Momentary" midi button behavior).... Keep this in mind for other devices! I'm also using this in Reaper 5.973 (latest version as of March 14th, 2019).

    What you need:

    PizMidi plugins... 64-bit. They're hard to find these days as his site has been down for a long time. The active link is down below.. use the plugin Midi CC Toggle, right before the instance of Komplete Kontrol 2.1.1 (in Reaper. Your DAW may be different, but that's what I love about Reaper... midi plugins can either go in the Input FX (arpeggiators, for instance) or right before (above) the main synth plugin, in the FX window (Komplete Kontrol, in this case). We also need a Piz plugin called Midi Converter 3. There will be four instances of it, at the beginning of our FX chain... see the screenshot below.

    Map the buttons to CC121 (up), 122 (down), 123 (left) and 124 (right). I set Komplete Kontrol's Midi Learn to "preset up" (up), "preset down" (down), "plugin pages left" (left) and "plugin pages right" (right). Map the knobs to CC14 to CC21 (all 8). Set the Axiom Air Mini 32's global midi channel to 1.


    The other three instances of this MidiConverter3 plugin should have the CC changed to 122, 123, and 124, respectively. Keep everything else the same.

    Set the Piz Midi CC toggle plugin exactly like this:

    Power: ON
    next four sliders at 0
    Midi Channel: 11

    Easy fix. Some of the best midi-tweaking plugins are from that PizMidi collection.... here is the only working link (it is safe, I assure you)


    Be sure to download "pizmidi_x64_20111013.zip" from October 13th, 2011. That's the one that has all of them, including CC Toggle, and MidiConverter3.

    Shame on you, M-Audio, for not allowing users to have the knobs/buttons/pads on different midi channels. Such a great device, if you COULD do that.... but hey, THANKS PIZ! Seriously, you are a life saver. I hope your site comes back online soon.

    And thanks for thinking of your users, NI!! We really do appreciate it. PLEASE consider having an option to let the buttons have an override for "Toggle" or "Gate" or whatever doesn't skip because of the Momentary operation!


    Chris Caulder
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    I should also mention-- this text is from the MK1 S-series, and 2.10 Komplete Kontrol software PDF manual:

    Hardware Configuration for MIDI Mapping
    When using the MIDI mapping feature in KOMPLETE KONTROL, a MIDI button can be configured to send a CC message on push and also on release. This mode is referred to as ‘Toggle’ mode. A MIDI button can also be configured to send a single message when it is clicked, as opposed to the two that are sent in Toggle mode. This mode is referred to as ‘Trigger’ mode. To use the MIDI mapping functionality with a third-party controller, you must configure your third-party controller to use Trigger mode.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but what NI describes as "Toggle" mode is actually commonly known as "Momentary." And their "Trigger" mode description is accurate (like Momentary, but without the same message sent on release of the button). A lot of MIDI controllers (including Arturia, Akai, and Behringer) can only send Momentary or Toggle messages (Arturia refers to "Momentary" as "Gate").

    Hope this helps more people out there!
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