Komplete Kontrol The VST2 plugin is Damaged and can't be opened

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  1. Kaldosh

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    Me and several users I've seen on different forum have this issue in Ableton Live 10.
    Trying to delete and reload a vst2 instance of Komplete Kontrol doesn't work and it is indeed broken

    The AU version works fine though, still a reinstallation through Native access didn't solve the issue.

    Anyone in touch with this or a fix maybe ?

    Screenshot 2019-11-20 at 13.52.39.png
  2. sem4

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    Agree, I have raised a support ticket for this, still does not working for me. I haven installed the latest updates (KK updated on tuesday to be catalina compliant) however the VSTs are still not able to get loaded into Ableton lLive
  3. JesterMgee

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    Yeah seems it's more compatibility issues with Mac. From what I have seen it affects a few plugins now not just NI and appears to be VST and not AU. With my tin foil hat on the suggestion could be that Apple seem to want users to use AU because it doesn't have problems like VST... But we know they wouldn't do something like that to their users.
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  4. D-One

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    No issues on my Macs... One is in Catalina the other in Mojave.
    What's your OS version? Whats Live's version? When did this start to happen?

    Check your plugin folder for anything unusual, is there only on KK VST? Is it of normal size (70mb)?
    Do other Hosts load KK just fine? Or is Live the only problematic DAW?
    Does rescanning in Live help?
    Try deleting the VST and reinstalling KK.

    If all that fails then go to Your-HD/Users/Your-Name/Library/Preferences/Ableton, open the folder corresponding to your Ableton Version, delete the Log.Txt then launch Live, do whatever triggers the problem and it will create a new log, attach it here, it should have more descriptive clues of what's going on.
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  7. René must be Unique

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    Works here.


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  8. Kaldosh

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    I did a reinstall , not working.
    I run latest beta and official version of ableton.
    Doesn't really matter since KK is pretty useless for me...Will just be another reason not to use it. Who is really in control of his own hard earned devices and softwares nowadays anyway :D
    So many reasons to go hardware only, and it becomes cheap...really a good thing.
    Thanks for your help guys, :rolleyes:
  9. Kei takeda

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    I have the same problem.
    Komplete Kontrol(2.2.1) vst2 plugin cannot be loaded by Ableton live(10.1.6).
    In Cubase (9.0.40) the plugin move into black list.
    Any solution?

    スクリーンショット 2019-12-23 20.28.03.png
    スクリーンショット 2019-12-23 20.31.46.png
  10. Kaldosh

    Kaldosh NI Product Owner

    Still no improvement whatsoever a month later
  11. Kim Bostroem

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    What's going on there? Is KK dead? Are they not interested in the Ableton user base?