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    When I received my Komplete Kontrol S61 I tried it out with the Giant kontakt library and was dismayed by the velocity sensitivity. Even with the hardest playing I could not reach the highest velocity sound from the library. I eventually found that you can change velocity sensitivity through the editor but I still think it very strange that it didn't have a more natural velocity curve straight out of the box. Is this a common trait for midi keyboards or is it possible that my keyboard is actually faulty in some way? Is there anyone who hasn't a problem with the default linear curve setting?

    Assuming its not faulty, what are peoples preferred settings for the velocity curve. I've found that soft 3, the highest sensitivity before 'fixed to max' is the only setting that gives me a realistic piano response with a piano library.

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    Same here Tom. I got a S61 on Saturday and had to hit the keyboard with a (large) hammer to get full velocity. Im now set at "Soft 1" setting which is better.

    Other readers: Settings are in: Komplete Kontrol -> Edit -> Preferences -> Hardware


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    Thank you! I have found the default to be pretty unusable!
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    im glad its not me I thought I was going crazy the velocitys do seem off on mine too.
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    Hi guys, I'm having similar problem with my new M32. I checked Komplete Kontrol, now in version 2.3.0 - but there is no Hardware in Preferences, only Audio, MIDI, General, Library and Plug-ins - and I don't see how to set velocity curves. I'd need something much softer too.
    Thanks for any help.
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    Hi Richard, Sorry to bring this news but velocity curves (VC) are not available for M32 and A-series keyboards. It's been reported and requested by many users (I know from a NI rep) but they just refuse to implement it. I suppose to trigger people to buy a S-series. But those keyboards are for a totally different target group of users (with their screens and extra knobs). You would expect that basic functionality like VC would be a standard on keyboards from a quality company like NI, but that image has a dent for me now.
    I would have never bought a NI keyboard if I'd have known this feature was missing. Now I have to create a workaround with a midi velocity manipulating plugin in Ableton Live. It's madening.
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