Kontakt 5.6.5 Upgrade through Access worked fine!

Discussion in 'NATIVE ACCESS' started by DevonPete, Dec 7, 2016.

  1. DevonPete

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    I am delighted to confirm. However having to lurk with my download location folder open so as to be able to copy the downloaded Zip file before it gets installed and then deleted is insane.

    Whats the problem NI about allowing us to keep and store these updates? This has been the policy for your customer base for years, so why the freak control BS to prevent us doing so now.

    What with all the unprecedented collection of personal data from all our computers by the corporations, as well as all the so-called "intelligence" agencies (the "Snoopers Charter" now Law in the UK for example) I would consider that allowing some control and choice to your customers would be gratefully appreciated, rather than removing and restricting them.

    Come on NI give us the ability to pause, abort and save DLs. You are shooting yourself in the foot if you don't!
  2. DevonPete

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    As a postscript to the above:
    Normally this time of year I would be buying upgrades from NI but because of all the negative posts about Native Access (and my own bad experiences with this) I have no desire to. Quite sad really for NI as I have spent money with other companies on alternative products that I'm very satisfied with. I am very reluctant to currently invest money in NI products especially when so many other exciting possibilities are now available that are far more cutting-edge. Unless NI pull something special out of the hat and give their customers what they want they will quickly loose their market share.

    I hope you are listening NI?
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  3. Bram @ NI

    Bram @ NI NI Team

    Hi DevonPete,

    As said before in some of these threads, saving downloads is on our horizon. However, we want to implement a smart was of doing this so that you can save the downloads in a way Native Access can access them again itself. I.e. a sort of "Archive" which you can copy around between computers, back up and keep safe. But more than that, this archive will be usable by Native Access itself so smartly install from the archive or download if the installer is not in the archive.

    The reason why is because we are going towards a fully automated system. By letting the user do less things manually we try to reduce the errors encountered. There might even be upcoming changes in the NI installers which could provoke errors if you run the updates "manually", and not through Native Access...

    I hope this gives you some insight into why we are doing things the way we are doing them right now.

    - bram
  4. DevonPete

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    Thanks Bram for your reply. I'm sure I and many others will appreciate some insight to the direction and intention NI is heading with Native Access.
    It would have helped considerably if insights like that had been revealed, as a matter of customer policy, ideally at the start of the introduction of install, authorizing, updating, upgrading "Service Center" to Native Access, instead of shrouding the process in secrecy, especially as these changes have caused considerable stress and inconvenience to your customers as the forum clearly indicate.

    I cannot help but feel that NI has upset and distanced it's customers and trust remains damaged, simply through the lack by NI to communicate with it's customers.

    I still can't help but believe NI "going towards a fully automated system" is based on control, rather than customer choice, which was the point of my original posting, which your response only serves to confirm.

    Well I sincerely wish NI luck in this ambitious endevour to remove all customer choice from the equation. I hope that as this process unfolds you do not continue to loose customers. All I can say at this point is my opinion of NI customer relations remains damaged and it's going to take more than a few words from a Staff Member on a public forum to restore and regain my trust.

    I hope I am proved wrong.
  5. Akshara

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    I'm going to add to DevonPete's comment right here.

    Hi bram, you helped me with a lost Absynth license years ago.

    I'm just discovering all of this tonight, about Native Access, while researching into why Kontakt is showing a failed download in Service Center; and have spent this last hour reading through the FAQ and a lot of these threads. I got to straight up tell ya man, that if you guys continue down this path, there is zero chance that I will ever purchase another NI product. And I'm saying that with kindness and sincerity in my heart, because I love my sample libraries and instruments and what NI enables in my life.

    Yet as Padme said to Anakin, you're going down a path I can't follow. And if there is any chance of NI still pulling back from that precipice, then I wanted to share with you how this makes me feel. Because I've always felt that you guys really care.