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Discussion in 'KONTAKT' started by Keir @ NI, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. lotteschoe

    lotteschoe New Member

    Hi! : )

    I'm very new to this! I've just downloaded the free Kontakt 5 player with the additional Factory Selection. It's great!
    I was just wondering how to add Kontakt to a DAW. I'm currently trying out Reaper. Would it work with that? Best wishes, Charlotte
  2. Daniel Mendoza

    Daniel Mendoza New Member

    Hello guys

    I uninstalled and reinstalled Kontakt and deleted the libraries from my computer. Now, there's a new error message:
    Don't know how to solve it.

    Btw, thanks for ur help!
  3. C.T. Blaze

    C.T. Blaze Member

    jazzfx32, regarding the reasons for Kontakt to crash I agree very much.
    After running for a while like a charm, Kontakt Player 5 crashed everytime for me.
    I provided the support with everything they demanded, crash logs and a total strip from their support spy tool.
    Nothing the support recommendwould have solved it, including Registry edits/deletions and cache purging.
    In the end, I had to de- and reinstall Drumlab, which apparently was the culprit but none of the error messages of Kontakt did communicate this. Disappointing, but I could help myself, luckily.

  4. Scifo76

    Scifo76 New Member

    Kontakt Player 5 question: Is there a way to save my own settings of a software instrument without saving the actual samples? If the instrument contains 1GB samples, I don't want them duplicated every time I save the parameter settings. Sorry for the noob question, but I've only used Kontakt Player for a few days.
  5. EvilDragon

    EvilDragon Moderator Moderator

    Of course, when you save the NKI, just click the "Patch only" radio button in the save dialog. Make sure it's not set to "Patch + samples".

    However, if you're using a Kontakt Player library, their samples are monolithed, so as such you simply cannot save those instrument files as patch+samples...
  6. Scifo76

    Scifo76 New Member

    Thanks for a superman speed reply, EvilDragon.
  7. Theseeqer

    Theseeqer Member

    I have a query - if this has been asked and answered, i did not see it amongst the many, many posts here.
    I have bought that many bits and bobs from NI that when a bug pops up it can be hard to know if it is a bug or not - often i do not know what software is full and what is demo in this regard. Since i have bought software and hardware that came with Kontakt 5 , does this mean i can upgrade at the upgrade price or not? The recent free gifts from NI to Maschine users does not work in Kontakt saying it is an older version and the update does not update it. My head spins with it all because i used many sounds from Kontakt within Maschine prior to downloading the free gifts and none work now, this includes some that worked before like Scarbee. It has updated those things for v 5.5 .

    The main site does not give specifics as to upgrades , just the price for full and the upgrade price. Anyone know ?
  8. NIMichi

    NIMichi Forum Member

    Is there any reason behind, that you cannot add more samples with drag&drop to list view and must change to the piano roll view?
  9. Vincent7

    Vincent7 New Member

    I have a how to question...
    I have a Komplete audio 6, Kontakt 5, Komplete 8 players, Komplete Elements, NY Concert Grand, Retro Machines MK2, Guitar Rig 5 Pro, Driver, & Reaktor-Micro Prism... An M Audio Oxygen 61, And SonarX2 running on my laptop...

    I want to start using Kontakt 5 to play synths live, here's my dilemma...

    I would like to have a multi instrument loaded and be able to control the volume of each instrument loaded separately on my midi controllers sliders, so that I can be playing let's say the NY Grand in a song, and as the song progresses, I can add the c3 organ, or a poly pad just by bringing up a slider... And the bring it back down as needed...

    Or is there another way to achieve this...


    Help would enormously appreciated!
  10. EvilDragon

    EvilDragon Moderator Moderator

    You could take a look at Brainspawn Forte for live VST hosting. However, the same thing can be done within most any DAW that has its own MIDI learning capabilities. Reaper is extremely stable for this sort of thing.
  11. Vincent7

    Vincent7 New Member

    I know Sonar has midi learn, so it'll work from there? Right? I'll have to try it... And I think I've seen the ACT(midi learn) buttons at the top right of Kontakt when I open it up within Sonar..! Thanks for refreshing my memory..,
  12. Vincent7

    Vincent7 New Member

    Thank You! It works great!
  13. _vangelis_

    _vangelis_ New Member

    If you have Kontakt 4 Full and you install kontakt 5 player, will you lose the full version?
  14. EvilDragon

    EvilDragon Moderator Moderator

    No. Major version numbers are installed side by side.
  15. coridefre

    coridefre New Member

    I want to by Kontakt 5 but it's no longer RTAS. I do have Pro Tools 11 but I'm still using 10 because I don't want to change all my plugins now since I've got many ongoing works. If I buy the Kontakt 5 will I be able to install an old update that still worked with RTAS (5.3 I think)?
  16. Lothar Behrens

    Lothar Behrens New Member

    Just a dumb question: I know that Kontakt 5 is claiming to not to run on Snow Leopard. But I want to make sure if there isn't a way to use my license on this version of OS.

    Is there an older version available so I can switch to Yosemite only on demand for the recent features?

    Why is the Kontakt Player 5 compatible but not the Kontakt 5?

    I accept to have to boot into my Yosemite, but asking ...

    Thanks, Lothar
  17. wk1630

    wk1630 New Member

    yes I know it gone
    the pro 53 zip file add on
    how do I install it?
    also my kontakt 5
    will not play two instruments at the same time
    what am I doing wrong
    also which add on has the choral voices
    for some reason it has been lost
    thank you all
  18. Larvagator

    Larvagator New Member

    When will there be Linux VST support?
  19. Mr Patchbay

    Mr Patchbay New Member

    Hi All,

    New here, hello to everyone.

    Last night I got Kontakt 5 player (the free version) because it was a part of the London Solo Strings sample library.

    I'm running it in FL Studio Producer Edition v12.2 build 3

    Kontakt looks to be a cool program and I know there'll be a learning curve and a lot I'll get down on my own but I need to ask why when I choose an instrument (say one of the violins from that library) the Kontakt player disappears. It just is gone, it's not behind any other windows just gone and then I would click on where it lists the player in the channel rack (where you load instruments) and that would bring it back.

    The same thing happened when I would click the left or right arrows to just jump from one loaded violin or cello to the next without going over to the left where the library is.

    Is there some setting I just don't see where it is set to do that? I want to keep it visible unless I hide it or move it. I have plenty of monitor space so for me the best way is it stays there.

    Any help is appreciated.

  20. Rob James G

    Rob James G Member

    Sounds like a weird issue with your DAW, this is not behaviour I recognise with Kontakt and any DAW or standalone version.
    Check to see if there is an update for that.