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Kontakt 5 Player crashing

Discussion in 'Technical Issues - KOMPLETE (Archive)' started by GoldenWaffle, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. GoldenWaffle

    GoldenWaffle New Member

    I recently decided to try out the Kontakt 5 player. It installed without any issues, but when I try to run the program, it crashes the moment I launch it.

    Here's what comes up when it crashes (every time):


    Kontakt 5 has encountered a major problem and has been terminated.

    A crashlog file has been created at the following location:

    C:\Users\User\Documents\Native Instruments\Kontakt5\Crashlogs\Date - Kontakt 5-mini.nicrash


    Any idea on how to fix this issue? I want to try out some instrument samples, but I can't if the software won't open.

    Thanks :)
  2. EvilDragon

    EvilDragon Well-Known Member

    Perhaps you could post that .nicrash file here so if any developers chime in they have something to look at.
  3. palestrina7

    palestrina7 New Member

    Not quite crashing, but stuttering

    -Hey Waffle. This has happened to me. My driver for my ASIO sound card was corrupted. A reinstall cleared it up once. The other time I had to use a different driver. You probably know this, but ASIO4ALL.COM has a free driver that often works. Did for me so 1) make sure you have an ASIO card and 2) have a fresh driver for it. Good luck;)

    Hey Evil! I am a longtime kontakt user fom v 2 on. Been running 5 for about three months now on a new computer just for Kontakt, and I am having frequent dropouts, say once every five minutes, and never when the CPU is taxed. Even single notes simply cut out and there is silence for second or two, but NOT on all channels.

    I am monitoring the CPU and memory, but it is running at about 3% when it happens. I have 16 gigs of ram, running nothing else but the audio interface for my Emu sound card. Never more than 1.5 gigs loaded. Happens on every library - KHS, Kontakt VSL, Cinematic Strings and Sam

    I am hearing from fellow bloggers that they are having the identical problem using 5.
    No crash logs tho. Where should I look to make adjustments? Thanks.
    Your help is always appreciated.

    Dell xp8300 8-core,16 gigs ram, 7200 rpm hd
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  4. jorgeam20

    jorgeam20 New Member

    did you happen to find a solution? because this happened to me too and i tried uninstalling kontakt but it did the same thing when i re-installed it.
  5. yzf125

    yzf125 NI Product Owner

    I am having this problem in Widows 8.1 in any DAW I use on several other computers, But its fine on Windows 7.

    It is in my case a Windows 8.1 and Kontakt problem, anyone else having Widows 8.1 issues with Kontakt ?
  6. Unlimited2020

    Unlimited2020 New Member

    I have Windows 8.1 in use too and I had the same problem.
    After some trials I found the point.

    "Kontakt 5 has encountered a major problem and has been terminated.
    A crashlog file has been created at the following location:"

    The solution was to lower the soundquality.
    KONTAKT 5 seems to have a problem with highqualitysound.
    Lowering the bitrate and the samplingrate of the soundcard to max. 24bit@48khz enabled KOANTAK 5 to start under Windows 8.1 for me.

    Crazy how much time was wasted in the trials of new downloading, installing and deinstalling etc.
    Especially, because the download of the Software always broke/stopped/finished without faultwarning at random sizes between 170 and 280MB.
    (Here helped to download with IE using the integrated "resume" function.

    So I made here an account only to provide this solution to you, to help u all save some time for better things in life... ;)
  7. lupusniger

    lupusniger New Member

    Does anyone tried this solution on windows7?I've encountered the same problem in the last two weeks...
    Besides,often the sample loaded into the "multi" disappear when I reopen the project.
  8. EvilDragon

    EvilDragon Well-Known Member

    Moved to Komplete technical issues.