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Kontakt bass guitar intrument for metal

Discussion in 'Third-Party Sample Libraries' started by Frank Smith, Mar 14, 2014.

  1. Frank Smith

    Frank Smith New Member



    Product info box has a pretty detailed description.

    Processing info:
    Bass > Daw
    Preset 1
    Maxon > Ampeg SVT classic > DAW > SVT 8x10 Impulse > 30% Eq match> EQ > Limiter
    Preset 2
    Sansamp pedal > Ampeg SVT classic > DAW > SVT 4x10 Implulse > Decapitator > Waves CLA Bass > EQ > Limiter
    Preset 3
    Maxon > Rat2 > Ampeg SVT classic > DAW > Ampeg VL/Vb4 Impulse Blend > EQ > Limiter
    Preset 4
    Sansamp pedal > Bugera 6260 matching cab > sm7b - Carvin m68 > DAW > RBass > EQ > Limiter

    Sound clip:
    Sound clip:
    Sound clip:
    Sound clip:

    On my Youtube channel you can hear a ton of mixes using the FTS Edge Bass

    On the Big Cartel page there is a link near the bottom where you can download a clip of the rendered D.I. bass with a backing track of drums and guitar so you can process the bass with your own plugins.

    Full version D.I.
    Full version D.I. with presets
    Lite version D.I.
    Lite version D.I. with presets
  2. Frank Smith

    Frank Smith New Member

    April update out now

    I've added a script that takes away the built in kontakt round robin and keyswitches alowing me to be able to cut the groups from 112 to 56.
    For me since there's so many groups it took about 10-15 seconds to open. Now it opens muuuuch faster.
    Also with the script there's a display that shows what articulation/keyswitch is selected.
    More importantly with the new round robin script it allows the alternate picking to be able to move within itself.
    Before the alternate picking was "Down 1, Up 1, Down 2, Up 2... So on.
    Now with the script, depending on how many times you switch from only down picking then to alternate picking it re orders the round robins
    "Down 1, Up 3, Down 2, Up 4, Down 4, Up 5 and within the same riff it can be switched to "Down 1, Up 8, Down 2, Up 1, Down 3, Up 2"
  3. Frank Smith

    Frank Smith New Member