Kontakt Library Free Drive Space Unchanged After Uninstall

Discussion in 'KONTAKT' started by screentan, May 21, 2019.

  1. screentan

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    I tried to post this in the support forum but it keeps asking me to login which I do and then navigate to New Post but then get asked to login in again. Frustrating when the support is a forum instead of email and you cannot access the support forum. Lucky there is this forum but I don't know if a NI rep will read this or not?

    Now onto the issue I wanted to contact support about. I am trying to free up drive space to load an additional Kontakt instrument so I uninstalled some unused instruments with the Windows Remove App tool. Even though I removed 10Gb of instruments my used drive space remainder the same so I searched and saw about deleting the library from the registry so I did that but still the drive space does not reflect the libraries I have removed. How can I retrieve the drive space?
  2. EvilDragon

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    Just delete the library folders manually if they're still there.