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Kontakt Player 2 - Symphobia. Activated but still in "Demo Mode"

Discussion in 'Product Installation and Activation (Archive)' started by tommalm, Nov 14, 2008.

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  1. tommalm

    tommalm NI Product Owner


    I just completed a reformat of my computer. I have reinstalled Project Sam Symphobia + Kontakt Player 2 + Latest NI Service Center.

    The problem is however, Symphobia still runs in Demo Mode. Service Center reports that Kontakt Player to is "Activated".
    SCC recognized it as Activated without me doing anything but installing Symphobia with the correct serial number, as the hardware configuration is exactly the same as before the reformat.

    What am I missing? SCC only sees Kontakt Player 2. Is there some other form of activation I have forgotten about?

    Thank you!

    Kind regards

    Tom-Erlend Malm
  2. Stephan @ NI

    Stephan @ NI NI Team NI Team


    you need to run the symphobia installer on your new system or computer and you must allow the installer to install the library.

    When done, activate the library through Service Center.

    It is not sufficient to have just a volume mounted with the Kontakt Player 2 library on it from a previous installation on another computer or system.

    If you would not run the installer or exclude the library from installation, the library cannot be loaded into Kontakt Player 2: it may not appear in Kontakt Player 2 at all or may give an error "The content your are trying to load is not registered" or "The sample content is encrypted" when you try to load a patch from the library.

    Note: the information given here only applies to Kontakt Player 2 libraries, it does not apply to Kompakt or Intakt or Kontakt Player 1 libraries (such as EastWest libraries).
Thread Status:
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