"Kontakt Sax and Brass" and Kore Player integration in Logic X 10.4.4 on Mojave

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    Hello folks,

    It has been a while I didn't touch my "Kontakt Sax and Brass" on an older OSX. I think 4 yeas or so when I was still on High Sierra. After upgrading to Mojave on a newer Mac, I encountered this problem: inspite I can install

    -the Kore Player
    -the KSaB Samples

    and I can start the Kore Player first, load the samples, I can
    -neither hear the samples in the Kore Player
    -nor force the player to show up in the "Plug In" List oder "AU-Instrument" List in Logic.

    I know its an discontinued product, but I am wondering, if someone managed to hack something to make it work
    Attached some screenshots from Logic and Kore Player, in case I missed something to set up properly.

    Once upon a time a guy from the NI phone support in Berlin (when it was still existing..) gave me some hints STARTING the Kore Player, when it hesitates to, if it helps anybody here:

    go to:

    Application Support
    Native Instruments
    Kore Player

    delete there all;

    koredb databases

    restart the player

    start the Kore Player directly from the binary:

    right-click on the program icon
    open the package
    go in the folder content /MacOS
    click on the binary


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    Suggestion. from Kore Player, go to File > Set Sample Content Path... > Kore Player... And check Kore Player knows where your installation is located.