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  1. Skarry

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    I would like to know if you plan to release a new version of the F1, like the new version of the X1 cauz i rather don't buy something which could possibly be outdated in 2 weeks, you know what i mean...

    Thank You really much for your answer
  2. zephry

    zephry NI Product Owner

    I think the x1mk2 and z1 are to complement the z1. The F1 fits and works as well.
    I would guess if any new controller comes out that is due for a change its the s4...the F1 is actually a newer addition to the product line.
    And usually a price drop will happen first.

    I think you should be safe.
  3. jdownesbaird

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    Are you trying to ask this question directly to NI? If so, this is just a user forum. NI doesn't officially field questions in these kinds of threads.

    That said, they are unlikely to answer your question even if you contact them directly. They would never encourage you to delay a purchase by waiting for a future product. And, they don't typically comment on future releases until just before the product is launched (check out the Maschine forum for evidence).

    In my opinion, NI is unlikely to release an F1 update any time soon. The F1 hasn't been out very long, and there isn't much functionality to the remix decks (in their current state) that the F1 doesn't already cover well. Also, NI just unlocked the remix decks so that they can be fully mapped to other controllers made by their competitors, so their incentive to invest in a newer version is likely diminished.
  4. Skarry

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    I did ask NI but they don't want to comment such thing, so i posted here just to get some opinions and you guys helped me a lot, so thank you really much for your answers, you helped me out : )

    Have a good day guys

    See ya
  5. Karlos Santos

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    I can tell you that there are no plans to make an F1 MK2 at this time.

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  6. heltino

    heltino NI Product Owner

    what a suprise....the F1 is not the oldest product ;)

    more interesting is the S2 and S4....here is price drops...the stuff is pretty old...

    I will not order a F1 before I`ve seen the S4 MK2 or however this is called.
  7. ratro

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    Maybe its almost about to be announced ? 20141009161435.jpg
  8. Kennymester

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    If only that was a real product.
  9. John Carpenter

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    So 6yrs on and I have the same question. Is the F1 about to be superseded anytime soon? Thanks!