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Kontrol S2 Mk2 random crashes: a very simple possible solution

Discussion in 'KONTROL S2 / KONTROL S3 / KONTROL S4' started by Nico_Tf, Jan 28, 2014.

  1. Nico_Tf

    Nico_Tf NI Product Owner

    So, like everyone else, I've been plagued with random crashes with the new S2. The kind of problem I have is the one where the S2 soundcard stop outputting sound and sound output reverts to the internal audio of the Mac.

    I think the answer is ridiculously simple: the USB cable given with the S2 is too loose. Try it yourself, if you jiggle it a bit, pulling it off without completely removing it, you get the same symptom: the sound revert to internal audio. Now push it back in and it should go back to the S2. It's not too much of a stretch to imagine that the vibrations from a sound system can over time jig it off a bit.

    I'm asking people in here to verify I'm correct: Next time your S2 crash, try to push the usb back in. Meanwhile I'm using the USB from my Audio 6, which has a tighter fit. Haven't had any crash so far.

    If it is confirmed, then it's good news for NI: They'll only have to send us new USB cables :p
  2. Nico_Tf

    Nico_Tf NI Product Owner

    Ok, I've tried to crash it by wiggling, and I get the same error message in console than Dimitri:

    28/01/2014 10:53:41,762 NIHardwareAgent[239]: IOHIDDeviceRegisterInputReportCallback called with a null context

    Re inserting it didn't work this time. I still do think it is a USB port on the S2 / USB cable combination that is causing the problem. The fact that many people have trouble when using it intensely, point to this direction too: vibrations.
  3. Devon Damnit

    Devon Damnit NI Product Owner

    initially I thought it to be what u described, but I have been using the usb cables from my audio 6 and F1 controller and its the same problem .. think its a firmware issue . me and my friend interchange our controllers he have the mk1 and I the 2 and we both experience the same issues .. he with a mac and me with a win 8.1 machine
  4. Iain Simpson

    Iain Simpson New Member

    I had a wiggle and couldn't repro. In fact, on my MBA, the sound cut to the laptop speaker and then recovered when I plugged back in the S2.