Kontrol S4 MK3: Sample capture to Remix Decks

Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by mesingze, Nov 28, 2018.

  1. mesingze

    mesingze New Member

    We would like to have option to capture samples into the Remix Decks directly from the S4 MK3 hardware - skip doing strange shenanigans with lappy mouse.
    This seems to be taken away option; there is no talk about in the S4 MK3 documentation, feels completely ignored.

    This is a VERY important option. Currently not supported on S4 MK3 from whatever stellary strange reason.

    There is a comment in the already running thread which is perfectly describing the importance of this possibility:
    ".. The idea of quickly sampling things on the fly into your next track and beyond is such a fun idea! .." - Jacob_the_56th

    Thread which includes the pictured, almost awesome, reply from NI support regarding this oversight: https://www.native-instruments.com/forum/threads/sample-capture-with-s4-mk3.340019/
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  2. Jacob_the_56th

    Jacob_the_56th New Member

    Hear hear
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  3. muthafunka

    muthafunka NI Product Owner

    this would be great, v disappointed it's not there right now.
    Please NI...if you can