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Kontrol Z2 don't work on Traktor Pro (Mac OS 10.13 High Sierra)

Discussion in 'KONTROL Z2' started by Mattia Voci, Mar 21, 2018.

  1. Mattia Voci

    Mattia Voci NI Product Owner

    Hello everyone. Recently I updated my Mac.
    The problem is that when I connect my z2 does not recognize it, the USB light is ON but the mixer does not work.
    I have to turn off my Mac and my Z2 several times (about 10-15 times) before I connect everything.
    I've already tried to completely eliminate Traktor and reinstall it, I've only tried to reinstall it without deleting it permanently but nothing ... does not work.
    It's really frustrating and I do not know how to solve the problem.
    Someone who was able to solve?
    This is the video of my problem:

    DJXCAL NI Product Owner

    Were you able to fix the problem?
  3. deejayollie

    deejayollie NI Product Owner

    Had the same issue... How i solved this problem:

    1. Open Controller Editor first and it will usually seem like its freezing for about 10-15 min...
    2. Once Controller Editor is fully open... Try to press the connect button on the top left to your Z2 mixer...
    3. While Controller Editor is still open, Make sure you exit and close Traktor...
    4. Once Traktor is closed. Quit Controller Editor then open up Traktor again...
    5. At this point your Mac should recognize your Z2... if not yet, you may have to repeat steps 1-4 one more time...

    Hope this helps...


    DJXCAL NI Product Owner

    I'm good now. Thanks for replying though. :thumbsup::thumbsup:
  5. Mattia Voci

    Mattia Voci NI Product Owner

    deejayollie Which connection button should I press on the top left?