Kore 2 - Ableton - Maschine - And How it works.

Discussion in 'Technical Issues' started by SchnickSchnack, Apr 27, 2012.

  1. SchnickSchnack

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    Hello Guys, i hope someone can help me :)
    I wait for my Ableton 8 Suite and while iam waiting i want to inform myself about using all my Hardware together.
    So First can i Use Machine and Ableton and Kore 2 together?
    Can someone explain it maybe if it works?

    And Now a other question:
    I tried the Kore 2 but i get no Sounds.Maybe i need to use a Keyboard for it? And Ableton? As a Midi Input?
    I got the Kore Hardware so why do i need a Keyboard?
    So how do i get Sound and does it work with Ableton? Thats all i want to know :)
    Hope someone can help me here :) Thanks !
  2. kb123

    kb123 NI Product Owner

    Kore responds to midi notes. So you can run Kore on its own or as a plugin within Maschine or Ableton - if within Ableton /Maschine, they supply kore with the midi notes. If you are using kore on its own you will need a midi keyboard to supply the midi notes

    You can also attach a midi keyboard direct to kore or attach it to ableton ... the choice is yours ;)