Kore 2 FX packs

Discussion in 'General Production Forum' started by Jay Onda, Dec 29, 2019.

  1. Jay Onda

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    Hi guys , probably this issue is an old one, and my apollogies for this, but we are going to enter in 2020 and probably someone here could find a new software/hardware that includes also an accelerator to help for the use of Kore 2 FX packs( Deep Freq, Deep Reconstruction, Deep Transformation, etc) .I found those very helpfull and creative to say the least and would really apreciate if someoane could find an alternative .
    Still got my mac pro from 2012, and now Apple will not let us install OS Catalina on these kind of machines so... looking to set this machine on a setup that will probably remain like this till will crash...
    Please help.
  2. dasoli

    dasoli NI Product Owner

    That's exactly what I did years ago with my old laptop (win xp).
    No updates, no problems. The deep series is a blessing for me.
    Together with K7, this is a good portable synth.
    is just my humble opinion.
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