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Kore 2 & Komplete 6

Discussion in 'KORE' started by Lui-g, Sep 24, 2009.

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  1. chrisgoughstuff

    chrisgoughstuff New Member

    Still waiting for that Service Center 'This puts the Komplete 6 sounds in Kore 2' download. Not the 'This kind of does the job if you f*ck around chasing files and folders and remember to check hidden checkboxes or your screwed' solution that's being mooted right now.

    So, to sumarise:

    Anyone reading this considering Kore 2 + Komplete? Sure, go for it. Kore 2 is great. Treat yourself to a bunch of their excellent SoundPacks while you're there. Likewise Komplete 6. Use the plugs in standalone, or as UAs/VSTs in your DAW. All are superb.

    Just don't expect the K6 sounds to show up in Kore 2 yet. ie - the integration they claim on the box? Forget it. There is a bunch of fixes you can try, but for the most part they seem to screw everything.

    I'm waiting for the fix that works rather than wrestle with missing sounds, silences and dupes.

    So. Still waiting NI. Helloooo? NI?...
  2. Sobek

    Sobek New Member


  3. richiedoc

    richiedoc NI Product Owner

    I just got Komplete 6 and Kore 2, and do not have any previous version of any NI instruments except FM7 and I have to say that while the individual synths work and work just fine KORE 2 is a cunfused mash of presets of which only about 1,000 make any sound at all. And tracking down solutions here, in threads that are as much as two years old, is just too much work. And the patches and updates seem all over the place as well...I have a whole slew of Absynth 3 sound which do nothing in Kore but alas they are there and I don't know what to make of them.

    Some organization is needed...especially for someone like me who has no previous issues of products in this bundle but has Kore 2 not really living up to expectations. Perhaps I can fix these presets that do not make a sound in Kore 2...but I don't know...maybe just buy Kore 2 soundpacks and get on with it?
  4. cannibal000

    cannibal000 Forum Member

    If you go the classic "ew"-way of starting all plugs as standalone, rescanning, rebooting and unchecking "Hide Unavailable Sound" you should still get more than 1000 sounds, but I never tried it with pure Komplete 6 installed.

    Ask NI via support if they really think that this is "perfect integration".
  5. tagpass

    tagpass NI Product Owner

    I've mentioned this before in a couple of other threads. Of all of the Absynth patches available in the Kore database, only 211 will open (and thus, make a sound) if launched from the Kore browser -- unless you have Absynth 4 installed... in which case those other 1,000+ sounds will open/sound... using Absynth 4.

    To hear those sounds, you have to launch Absynth 5, and load them from within the Absynth browser (not Kore).

    It's confusing. If I hadn't been down with Komplete from the very first version, I'd be *really* tearing my hair out with all this. Kore needs either an engine update to default to using Absynth 5, or all of the .ksds need to be updated. Hopefully, patches (or Kore 3) will resolve this soon.
  6. JasonSpatola

    JasonSpatola Forum Member

    Wow, so new Komplete 6 users (without access to Absynth 4) are screwed?

    Over a month after K6's release, no less.

    NI really needs to get on the ball here and finally issue the Kore 2 patch. What's the holdup?
  7. ew

    ew Moderator Moderator

    I couldn't say what the holdup is. When I find out anything, I'll let you know.

  8. artmanjam

    artmanjam Forum Member

    Finally ok here...

    Figured all this stuff out... All sounds seem to be in Kore, no doubles. And I did it twice as I'm working with XP32/Vista64 double boot.

    1-Vista64 :
    - Absynth : ProgramFiles/CommonFiles/NativeInstr/ShareContent/Sounds/Absynth5
    Here you are, in Absynth5 folder. You have to get Instruments folder, Effects folder, plus Absynth4 & Absynth 3 folders.
    Same path in x86ProgramFiles, nothing
    But you have to keep Absynth 3 & 4 dll in VSTplugs folder !

    2-XP32 :
    Same thing, in Sounds folder, Absynth5 folder will contain Abs3&4 folders

    To avoid doubles, I created a "SharedOut" folder in ProgFiles/CommonFiles/NativeInstr. It contains a "SoundsOut" where I moved some folders : original Absynth3 & 4, Kontakt2, FM7 (as FM7 folder is in FM8 folder). And a LibraryOut" folder wher I dragged "Best of Absynth" and "KorePlayer" folders.

    No doubled sounds, no empty sound. I don't know if that's the perfect setup it shoud be, but it works.
  9. JasonSpatola

    JasonSpatola Forum Member

    Has there been any word about this from NI at all?

    I'm sort of shocked - I assumed that Kore 2 would have been updated with the new engines as soon as K6 was released, considering all the Kore 2 talk on the box and on the site.

    When I saw the complaints, I assumed they were regarding the admittedly janky KSD installation process, or that the Kore update was a couple weeks late... I gave NI the benefit of the doubt, and never imagined that it would go on this long.

    Looking now, I can't find that NI has any plans to update Kore 2 at all, or if there's a plan to at least to fix the Absynth problem...

    Hopefully I've just missed the announcement.

    Luckily I've not installed K6 yet, but I was considering doing it this week - perhaps I'd better hold off until this mess is sorted out.
  10. Ruchir

    Ruchir NI Product Owner

    I'm not up to speed on this, but I am assuming the problem is with ksd patches that are registered as patches of a previous version of the synth e.g. a ksd patch as Absynth 3 rather than Absynth 5 won't work in Kore unless all relevant previous versions of Absynth are installed. Am I right?
  11. tagpass

    tagpass NI Product Owner

    Yes, the Absynth ksds are setup to open with version 4, not 5 -- from the Kore browser. If you don't have the older version installed, you have to open Absynth 5, and search/load the Absynth 1/2/3/4 patches through the synth browser.
  12. richiedoc

    richiedoc NI Product Owner

    So the sounds can be loaded in 5 and used in five but loading them in 5 and then opening Kore still won't play them on Kore...unless you put the Absynth 3 and 4 presets in the Absynth 5 sounds folder...maybe? Or no?
  13. tagpass

    tagpass NI Product Owner

    Not quite. The folder itself doesn't matter -- you'd have to resave each patch individually as an Absynth 5 ksd in order to do what you want.
  14. digilog_

    digilog_ New Member

    Solution for Vista or Win7 64-bit

    The problem is that kore 2 is a 32-bit app so Kore won't scan the 64-bit directory of program files.

    so the workround is to make a directory link from the x86 program folder to the 64-bit program folder (to make this start cmd in admin mode).
    For absynth 5:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Native Instruments\Shared Content\Sounds>mklink /J "c:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Native Instruments\Shared Content\Sounds\Absynth 5" "c:\Program Files\Common Files\Native Instruments\Shared Content\Sounds\Absynth 5"
    For Kontakt 4:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Native Instruments\Shared Content\Sounds>mklink /J "c:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Native Instruments\Shared Content\Sounds\Kontakt 4" "c:\Program Files\Common Files\Native Instruments\Shared Content\Sounds\Kontakt 4"

    Best u delete Absynth 3 or Absynth 4 folder in Absynth 5 sound directory to avoid making double entries in your kore database.

    Do it at your own risk - for me it worked perfectly.
  15. JasonSpatola

    JasonSpatola Forum Member

    Oh. My. Effing. Lawd.

    So awesome. But how crappy that nobody from NI told us that.

    Thanks so much, dude!

    EDIT: I don't want it to sound like I'm down on NI - their plugins are my absolute favorites. They just let tiny, annoying things bruise the overall experience.
  16. Beatbed

    Beatbed New Member

    This is very true, I'm not one to get excited but this did rock my boat when I realized I could not solve it myself. Please NI, make kore2 look if there is a newer (compatible) version of your own VSTi when loading sounds in your kore2. Would be great.
    Best regards,
  17. richiedoc

    richiedoc NI Product Owner

    Even though I have to save those older Absynth sounds as KSDs in Absynth 5 first...and one at a time...at least it works. That is better than it not working at all. My solution is to audition older Absynth sounds and add them to favorites first, then go into the favorites folder and save as KSDs. I imagine that is what I have to do for any other softsynth (3rd party) that can save a sound as a KSD file...so I think I now understand why some people are asking for FX* support since many other soft synths only save their presets as FX* files...something like that. I think.


    Komplete crap

    Well komplete 6 upgrade arrived. looking forward to using the plugs from kore 2.
    Then noticed that kore hasn't got any new sounds, looked for a sound installer on the disk, like the one for komplete 5. But, no luck, then I read this thread.

    Native Instruments, It is WRONG to release something saying it can do something it can't. you don't see the ford motor company selling cars with seatbelts that have broken belt buckles.

    From the komplete 6 page under Komplete & Kore:

    KORE 2 is the Next-Generation Workstation for everyone. Even if you have no other NI products, you can utilize the 440 KoreSounds, 3,000 sound variations and 300 FX sounds generated using the audio engines integrated into KORE 2.
    At the same time, KORE 2 is the ultimate complement for KOMPLETE 6. Together they are perfectly matched to form the world's most powerful sound workstation, with more than 7,000 immediately accessible and manually controllable sounds.

    Sounds like a bad case of false advertising. I wonder how many people take something like this so seriously to take legal action. I don't earn much money doing music so I can't exactly do it myself but if i was rich, I'd see them court over this. I haven't read it but I'm sure there is something in the product EULA preventing a customer from legally expecting the said product to fully funtcion even with a qualifing setup.

    Here is NI a software company that if it spent as much time and effort on it's product development as they do on there brand new marketing and fancy website graphics, I beleive maybe more than half of their products would work as prescribed on their packaging.

    It sh!ts me that a company can get away with this. Some might think it's petty, but NI blow their trumpet on all the music in synergy crap but you have to be prepared to spend ours trolling the forums finding all the little solutions to the problems that shouldn't be there before you can maybe possibly get it half working.

    some advise NI, stop dropping products and developing new features, focus on fixing all your plugins to work properly and get this koresound / KSD stuff fixed.
    you know so I can install it and use it straight away.
  19. GinSonic

    GinSonic New Member

    Hello community,

    I recently bought Komplete 6 and Kore 2. As we all know, from all Absynth Sounds currently (I am sure NI will have an update, but we all do not know when) only 211 are usable, because Absynth 3/4 sounds are not recognized correctly by Kore 2. As a workaround, every old Absynth KSD can be opened and saved as Absynth 5 KSD within Absynth5 to work in Kore 2.
    Doing this manually with all more than 1000 KSDs is hard if not impossible.

    So there this tiny tool enters the stage. Inspired by the great SetListManager also available in this forum, I implemented it quick and dirty in Autohotkey. It automates the "open"/"save as" process using Absynth 5 to transform the selected KSD files into the Absynth 5 format and copies them into a chosen destination directory. The original files will be untouched and leaved in the original directory !

    So how to use it:

    * First Backup all Your Absynth3/4 sounds located in the shared sounds folder in "common files\Native Instruments\Shared content\sounds\Absynth5\Absynth 3 and 4"

    * Start AbsynthKsdConvert.exe on Your windows system (Mac OS is not supported).

    * Now press "Add KSD files" button and navigate to one folder mentioned above containing the old KSD sounds.

    * Select all files, which You want to convert and press the "open" button (better You try the whole process only with one or two files first)

    * Now all selected files appear in the list of the converter. Selecting one or more, they can be removed from the list using the "remove KSD files" button.

    * Choose an empty (!) destination directory, where the converted files should be copied to. Do NOT choose the original directory containing the current KSD files !

    * Start Absynth 5 and do not close it until all files are converted (this is necessary for the correct function of this tool !)

    * Press the "convert to Absynth 5" button. Every file in the list will now be opened in Absynth 5 and saved to the previous selected location.

    * If You chose many files drink a coffee or two, because it will last for a while until all files are processed.

    * Copy converted files back to their original location and empty the destination directory before starting a new round of converting.

    Important !:

    Do all the actions mentioned above at Your own risk !
    I will not guarantee for any data losses or troubles using this tool !
    Absolutely make backups of Your files before using it !

    If there are any further questions, feel free to ask ;)
    I also could provide all my converted Absynth5 KSD sounds, but I do not know, if this could be a copyright problem. Maybe a moderator gives his view.

    Have fun !


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  20. jbone1313

    jbone1313 NI Product Owner

    Wow! Neat. Some questions:

    1. Would you mind positing the converted Absynth 3 & 4 factory sounds? Assuming NI approves of this. I don't think they should mind, but they'd prolly want to be asked.

    2. Can you also do this for Guitar Rig 3 & Kontakt 3?

    Thanks! That would be very appreciated by me and a lot of other people too I'm sure.
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