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  1. 33tetragammon

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    hi all,

    here's an Ableton Live control template for the Kore 1 controller(in Mackie mode):
    in Live's preferences,select "Mackie control"as you control surface,and kore's midi in and out as the ports.now you're ready to tweak.

    -buttons above and below the knobs select tracks,the "control" and "sound" buttons let you bank up/down 8 tracks.
    -the knobs control sends or devices of a selected track,depending on which mode you're in.
    -stop button:sends mode
    -play button pressed simultaneously with record button : device mode(only one device/rack per track)."enter" and "escape" buttons let you scroll through pages of a device.
    -jog wheel selects a scene,"preview" button plays the currently selected scene.

    template : View attachment Ableton devices(Mackie).nck.zip

    screenshot of template : View attachment Ableton devices(Macie).mov.zip


    to the moderators:could this perhaps be a sticky?thanks!
  2. Quixotic7

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    Inspired by your template for using Mackie Commands. I decided to design a template for Ableton Live that will also give you full control of all the volume levels of all the channels, being able to bank between them in groups of 8. I also like the way the NI template handles Devices, and incorporated that as well.

    Template features

    - Control volume levels of every track! Banking between groups of 8.
    - Touch sensitive track select.
    - Jog Wheel up and down grid navigation
    - Enter and Esc for left and right navigation.
    - Preview to trigger clips.
    - Transport page for fast forward, rewind, clip and scene triggering
    - Tab between Session and Arranger view
    - Tab between clip and FX view.
    - Full pan control of every track
    - Mute, Solo, Rec for every track
    - Full send control, as well as I/O control
    - For any device control the first 8 knobs.

    I have some various planned features, and workflow improvements for the near future. Enjoy!

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    MATAKAO NI Product Owner

    Perfect template ! I'm waiting for it since very long time, now it's here..
    Kore kontroller is total operational with ABL8.
    Great thanx to Quixotic 7. May the force be with you.

    Best Regards. M

    MATAKAO NI Product Owner

    Post-Scriptum: Some problems with this templates

    After many test, the patch work well, except for the Rack/Devices page. I've no kontroll with instruments rack or Fx with Pots 1-8. Button lock seems doesn't works too. So the template of Tetragammon works well for kontroll it.
    Also the ideal will be to mix this differents live's templates in ultimate one, i've tried with copy/paste in Controller editor appli but no success. Waiting for anyone find the solution. + Have you found simple technic for navigate and activate trough differents devices and activate ? Best Regards. M
  5. Quixotic7

    Quixotic7 New Member

    Matakao, it sounds like you did not copy the folder named "Ableton Mackie" to your "User Remote Scripts" folder. I make use of both mackie control, and CC's that are stored in the UserConfiguration.txt, which is how NI's template works. But my UserConfiguration.txt is different from theirs. In Abletons's preferences you will need to select both "Mackie Control" and "Ableton Mackie" as control surfaces.

    All the pages besides the Rack / Devices page send Mackie Controls, which is why just that page doesn't work.

    What other features would you like to see? I excluded the Drum Rack section because I have Maschine, and I usually don't like taking the time Midi Mapping things in Ableton when I'm working on a project.

    MATAKAO NI Product Owner

    Thanx for tips Quixotic, it's works perfectly now, yes i've just forget to copy the folder into ableton's preferences / user remote script...
    Last night, great remix with this new fonctions, lot of thanx, except big crashs and bugs, 'caused by my bad installation (!)
    Perhaps, some adds to controll Live's interface will be excellent if it's posible.
    This is a "shuffle" list for new template's pages:
    loop on/off - tap tempo - Overdub button (OVR) - Famous F10 button (return to arrangment) - Menu Quantification (cool for retrigger clip faster) - Pen button - Master Fader - up/down/left/right with kore buttons -Browser windows on/off -
    Magnify +/- star/stop button for tracks - and the essential "All stop clips" function...
    And one more time your work are excellent, i'm hope that N.I look it with one good Eye. Best !
    Also, i've just tested, in rack / Devices,
    only the first 8 control can be changed with Kore Kontroller
    For example, if with fm8, i've mapped, with live's configure button more than 8 kontroll for example 12. I can move the buttons 1 to 8, for automation, but after if i change the bank with "control or "sound" button i'm always on the 8 first controls, no access to the rest to the 4 others. It's work for volume,send, and pan, in other pages, and i've tested in Tetragammon template, it's works for devices, in "double-click" :)
    I know Kore 2 software, can do this, but it's faster to make it with live's devices controll editor. Keep in touch !

    ...last question for this sun-day:
    How play at any position of my arangment, like the combination shift+Space in shortcut, when i put play on kore kontroller, it play always at the beginning of my arrangement.
    Thanx a lot. M
  7. marshMellow

    marshMellow Forum Member

    hi 33tetragammon,

    do you have a Cubase-template, too? i'll find everything, but not a template which works very comfortable with Cubase. :(

    or do you have a tip, where i can find it?

    bye _marshMellow
  8. 33tetragammon

    33tetragammon NI Product Owner

    i don't use cubase,so i can't help you out.

    here's a tip:

    just try out the mackie template that comes as standard with the 2.1 update,and adjust it to your liking.this is how i did it with ableton live.

    and honestly,it's not that difficult to create your own.

  9. marshMellow

    marshMellow Forum Member

  10. 33tetragammon

    33tetragammon NI Product Owner


    ok,i think i know what you mean(correct me if i'm wrong):

    you want to acces multiple parameterpages of a plugin.

    in ableton live these are mcu buttons #44(page down) & #45(page up).

    could be different in cubase though.........
    TIP :

    in the controller editor,select Kore(or Maschine),go to the "assign" tab.


    for type choose "mcu button"(obviously).move your mouse over the "parameter id",
    press and hold the mouse while moving up/down.
    this way you can see what the id does.

    for knobs:

    3 types are available:

    mcu channel : controls channel volume

    mcu master : controls master volume

    mcu v-pot : controls pan,sends,devices(in combination with mcu buttons)
  11. marshMellow

    marshMellow Forum Member

    i don't want it, but i must ;)

    first of all, thank you for your extended explanation. exactly until this point i know all this things about the controller configuration.

    now comes the problem: when i configure the MCU-Button to control the EQ (#44) with the V-POT's, i only get access to the parts 1+2 from the EQ, because you could always control 8 knobs or faders or potis (1 until 8). but there must be a possibility to shift the control to use the next 8 knobs or faders or potis (9 until 16). and in my example the next parameters (3+4) from the EQ.

    i have tried it with the shift-button (MCU#73) and with the bank-select-button (MCU#46,47) but nothing works. it must work, because you can control Cubase with the Mackie Control completly and not only 8 tracks or something else.

    i think with Ableton you have the same conditions and i would be happy, if anyone know the solution.

    i hope my english is good enough to make you understandable what i mean.:S

    bye _marshMellow
  12. losan

    losan Forum Member

    Hi marshMellow,

    your english is good enough, no probs, at least I understand, what you're trying to achieve, since at the moment I'm trying the exact same thing.
    I thought, it might be nice, to use Kore as a kind of replacement for Steinberg's
    CC121 - having quick access to the EQ settings (and maybe also for sends and other things) besides using my Mackie Control for mixing .

    But like you I'm stucked - can't for my life at the moment access the 3th and 4th
    EQ, no matter what I try (I have tried the same as 33tetragammon has also mentioned).

    I also did have a look at the MASCHINE template, and this has a <page and
    >page button (mcu buttons #44 and 45), but these are not available in the
    Kore Mackie template.

    Also checked the provided templates (XML-files - you can open them in an editor),
    but I still don't get the logic of the mcu protocol - for example in the MASCHINE MCU template for the <page button as for the EQ pad (also defined as a button) they both have the parameter ID 44 assigned !

    I'll see, if I can dig a little deeper into this subject (and will share any foundings here, if I'll be of any success).

    So far, the best approach for using Kore with Cubase at the moment (for me) is,
    to use the Kore Controller for the Quick Controls - quite easy to set up.

    Enough for now,
  13. marshMellow

    marshMellow Forum Member

    hi losan,

    it is unbelievable, that the function is not usable with the Kore Controller. although the Mackie Control and the CC121 must have a button to control all the parameters from the EQ. i could'nt imagine that the other controller have a limit of controller-functions. nobody would buy such a half-function device.

    i suppose the Shift-Button from the MCU and the EQ-Type-Button from the CC121 has the functionality, which i need. but i did'nt find a way how it works with the Kore.

    ok, losan, thank you for your answer. i hope you find a solution. when i find it out, i post it in this thread.

    bye _marshMellow
  14. marshMellow

    marshMellow Forum Member

    tada --> i've solved the riddle! :D

    important is, that you press at first the EQ-Button (MCU #44) to activate the EQ-section and in the next step you can change between the EQ-area 1 + 2 or 3 + 4. for this you must press the Assign1- (MCU #40) or Assign2-Button (MCU #41). that's it.

    i wish a lot of fun to control Cubase with Kore.

    bye _marshMellow
  15. losan

    losan Forum Member

    Cool, you got it working, and thanks for let us now.
    Still, I can't get it to work somehow (but tried it parallel to my Mackie control).
    Seems to me, that for me it's not the way to go, but have to do some more tests
    (I gonna try it with the Mackie control disabled).

    Anyway, thanks and Cheers,

  16. jbone1313

    jbone1313 NI Product Owner

    Anyone notice any weird issues with "jumpy faders" when using Kore as a MCU in Ableton?

    Is there a way around this? It seems like everytime I open a new project containing an instance of Kore, the Kore controller does not recieve updated values of the faders in Ableton.

    That causes the faders to jump when I move the Kore knobs. I've tried every combination of Live's takeover modes and MIDI settings, but I can't seem to figure it out.

    How are you coping with this?
  17. Morylory

    Morylory Forum Member

    Hi MarshMellow

    I've started jamming round again after buying a new laptop, I'm using
    Cubase 5.1.1, Komplete 5 and recently started using Kore 2 software with
    the Kore 1 controller..

    I came across your post and couldn't wait to ask you if you would be as kind to post up a link for the template to control Cubase.

    This would be most inspirational.

    Mory. ;)
  18. pluggy

    pluggy New Member

    Why is there no "Ableton Mackie" in live?


    The template sounds great, but even though I tried to follow the manual as closely as possible, there is no "Ableton Mackie" controller listed in Ableton Live 7's midi settings.

    So far I have copied the "kore mackie" directory to "C:\Programme\Native Instruments\Controller Editor\Template Support Files\Ableton Live User Remote Scripts" and loaded the ableton mackie template in the Kore controller editor, then restarted live. But I can't see any kore mackie controller.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


  19. Symphoniker

    Symphoniker NI Product Owner

    I think it's about this issue here:
  20. jbone1313

    jbone1313 NI Product Owner