Kore 2 midi control templates

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    i am trying to use my kore controller in Mackie control mode to control logic. It works great when it comes to volumes and such.
    However, as previously mentioned by others, there seems to be a problem with adjusting more than the first two EQ bands with the kore controller.
    does anybody have a working solution here?

  2. marshMellow

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    k, Morylory !

    post your email-adress and i will send you my template. but the explanation how to use this is only german. i hope you understand this language.

    bye _marshMellow
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    Danke, der ausgereifte Sumpf, wie wir hier in Irland sagen, „Sie sind das Salz der Masse“
    und 'Oberseite des Morgens zu Ihnen.

    Can you post a link here at the forum MM so others can also download?,

    Thanks again MM,

    mach's gut Freund und viele viele glückliche Reihenfolgen für 2010


    My email.. powercenter@eircom.net
    (named after the old mac clones back in the day')
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    Hey...im really interested in that template.
    Can you send it to me or share it via for example rapidshare?

    Thanks a lot,

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    Can anyone direct me in using my KORE 2 controller in Mackie mode in Sonar 8.5 to controll the transport?

    I have the KORE 2 controller in MIDI\Mackie Control mode. From here I'm kinda lost.
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    Cubase template

    Hello everybody in this thread. I'm just sing into NI forums. Very interesting.
    Someone ask for a Cubase template? marshMellow I think. So, here is a template I make from my own and I like to share with you.
    I make it on Cubase 4 and I don't know if it is work with other versions but give it a try. At Cubase go to Devices>Device Setup...>Generic Remote and import the Kore.xml file that I send you. At Controller Editor open the file Cubase.nck.
    That's all and I hope that it will work for you. ;)

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    Attention: Some of the knobs have double function, tweak and touch. Don't panic, just find out what they do.
  8. marshMellow

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    Hello SpyX,

    thank you very much for your template and that you remembered me and my request. :D

    i've tested it for the last time and it's very interesting. you have opened my eyes to the functionality of the Generic Controller. before, i didn't understand how it works. i've made a template, too. but this is based of the Mackie Control Protocol. and my idea was, to use the Controller only with two pages. i didn't want to scroll through so many pages. with only two pages is the handling much more easier. i think i have found out a good handling and most of the functions from your template i have compressed in two pages. it works much more different then yours, but i think it's a good compromise.

    if you want it, you can download my template, too. and if you understand german, than you can read the short instruction how to use it. but i think you can also use it without the instruction. so have phun.

    bye _marshMellow

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  9. SpyX

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    Hi marshMellow,
    I'm very happy that my template works for you in some way.
    I'll download your template too but I think that I need NI Machine hardware for the Mackie Control Protocol to work or no?
  10. marshMellow

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    Hi Spy ;-)

    no, you don't need a Maschine to use it. it's the same thing with your Kore Control, but you must add the Mackie Control as a device and choose your Midi In-/Outputs, how do you do it with the Generic Controller, in your Cubase. you can use both parallel. it's no problem. i have optimize my template with functions from your template. the mix of both works fantastic. it's necessary to mix it, because you have more functionality with both.

    so have phun. bye _marshMellow
  11. SpyX

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    This sounds fantastic! I'm going to download your template.
    Thank you marshMellow,
  12. marshMellow

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    Hi Spy,

    yes it is. you can download the new version here. i thing it's more comfortable now.

    have phun.

    bye _marshMellow

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    Kore 2 Controller template for Propellerhead Record

    I have made his Kore 2 Midi template for Propellerhead Record, It's basically a fat channel controller setup, I have also included the remote files for it to work with Record.

    You'll have controls of the following:

    Input gain & Phase
    Channel Strip Order
    Pan & Width
    Mute & Solo
    Fader Level
    Insert Controls & Bypass
    All Dynamics Controls
    All EQ Controls
    All Send Controls

    Master Buss Compressor
    Control Room Level
    FX Sends, Returns, Panners & Mutes
    Play & Stop
    (FF & RW are currently unimplemented)


    Refer this link for help on understanding where the remote folder & files are kept on your system:


    After you have found the remote folder location on your system,
    you'll need to move the "Native Instruments" folder in the zip file to this folder:

    [remote folder]\Maps\

    then move "Native Instruments.midicodec" in the zip file to this folder:

    [remote folder]\Codecs\MIDI Codecs\"

    Then open NI Controller Editor, connect your Kore 2 unit and open the Record1.02.ncc file. Load up Record and go to preferences, then Keyboards & Control Surfaces and add midi control surface, you should have Native Instruments selectable in the Manufacturers list, select it, then chose NI Kore 2 midi in port for your system and your done.

    You can lock the NI Kore 2 to any of the mixer channels and the Master channel, and you will have control of most channel strip controls, I've tried to make the pages of parameters well organised and well labelled.

    I may add support for other Reason/Record devices in the future.

    Do not PM me for help with this, use this thread of help with it if you are having difficulty, that's what the forum is for.


    Distribute to anyone at your own free will, I am not liable for any damages, loss, pain, or anything consequential of the use, misuse or existance of these files.

    Now go make some good music & Enjoy.

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  14. bartrock

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    mackie control and Logic 8


    what i read here is brilliant unfortunately, i can't seem to get Kore with the factory Mackie control setting to control anything on Logic (just some weird note on noise when i touch the first pot). Of course i did select the Mackie Control from Logic controller setup list thinking it would be that simple.... silly me :eek:

    i would really like to mute and control volume in 2 or 3 banks of 8 faders and why not tweek the EQ on an opened plug-in or two, is that too much to ask ;)

    anyone with some advice would be greatly appreciated, thank!
  15. subsonk

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    Hi everyone!

    I install the above templates to control ableton live through KORE1 but i would like to be able to control device Racks and select left and right the device racks 1-8 knobs.

    has anyone made that?

  16. Kymeia

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    The midi template that comes for Massive only seems to be controlling the first macro knob for me, even though it says it's assigned to them all
  17. backbeat2

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    Cubase 5.5 Generic Control with 14Bit Pitchbend Range

    Have made this for the Cubase Channel EQs, Plugin, Quick Controls.
    In the Generic Remote you have 3 Pages:
    Page 1 for Channel EQ
    Page 2 for Studio EQ at Inser1 of the selected Channel
    Page 3 for Cubase Quick Controls

    Have Fun!

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  18. smokeynyc

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    Lua Remote Codec for Record

    Hi All,

    Here is a template I created for Propellerhead's Record. I believe this template is superior to others I have used, since AFAIK, this is (possibly) the only one with a Lua codec. With the Lua codec, the Kore 2 template provides some basic parameter feedback and some advanced controls for Record.

    I have named this template ReKord Kontrol. I created this primarily for hands on control of Record's SSL emulated mixer, so it does not control every device or feature in Record. However, I am happy with the result, which I developed to follow a logical workflow. It is designed to control three aspects of Record:

    1. The main mixer
    2. Transport controls
    3. The Combinator device

    The Controller Editor template is a hybrid combination of standard MIDI CC's and the Mackie Control Universal (MCU) protocol.

    I especially like the jog/scrub wheel control of Record's Song Position Pointer. As a tip, I have captured Record's main outs while advancing/reversing the jog wheel, producing a usable glitch-type effect that can be imported back into Record for further treatment.

    All the files you need are in the attached zip file. A Read Me file is inlcuded with setup instructions. Enjoy. If you have any questions about the setup, feel free to reply. I will do my best to help.


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    Record Codec with LUA

    Awesome, Iwas gonna sign up for the dev kit from propellerheads.se but way too many hoops to jump through for me to bother thanks for doing this, i'll have a play with it soon..
  20. abstergio

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    Kore 2 Controller Problems With Ableton Live 8...

    Hello All-

    I have tried a variety of KORE 2 MIDI templates to-date, but with no much of success in making them fully control the default Ableton macro that is provided by default when choosing any of its instruments...

    When using the 'Ableton - Racks & Mixer' one, for example, while in Page 'Current Rack/Device', the Kore 2 Controller controls with no problem the upper row of control macros with its 4 upper knobs, but its 4 lower ones are always changing the pan settings in the respective tracks (#1 to #4).

    Kore 2 Controller Template Settings:

    For All Buttons: Action: Turn, Type: Control Change, Range: 0-127, Resolution: 360 Degrees, Display: Unipolar

    Upper Row:
    Knob #1: Channel: 1, Number: 12
    Knob #2: Channel: 1, Number: 13
    Knob #3: Channel: 1, Number: 14
    Knob #4: Channel: 1, Number: 15

    Lower Row:
    Knob #5: Channel: 1, Number: 16
    Knob #6: Channel: 1, Number: 17
    Knob #7: Channel: 1, Number: 18
    Knob #8: Channel: 1, Number: 19

    Ableton Preferences

    MIDI / Sync:

    Control Surface
    Kore Controller 2 (Input: Kore 2 MIDI IN 1, Output: NI Kore 2 MIDI OUT 1)
    Kore Controller 2 NI (Input: Kore 2 MIDI IN 1, Output: NI Kore 2 MIDI OUT 1)

    MIDI Ports:

    Input: NI Kore 2 MIDI IN 1 (Track: On, Remote: On)
    Output: NI Kore 2 MIDI OUT 1 (Track: On, Remote: On)

    Ableton Example:

    Instrument Rack


    Control Macro

    Upper Row:
    Knob #1: Tone
    Knob #2: Transpos Layer
    Knob #3: Modulate Pan
    Knob #4: Vocode

    Lower Row:
    Knob #5: Attack
    Knob #6: Release
    Knob #7: Delay Mix
    Knob #8: Volume

    The Control Macro in the example above (and any other provided by Ableton when choosing any of its instruments) is responsive only in part when using the Kore 2 Controller:
    * The upper row is fine - Corresponding to Kore's upper 4 knobs.
    * The lower row is not OK - Kore's lower 4 knobs control the Pan instead (in tracks #1 to #4).

    Of course, we could easily MIDI-map Kore's lower 4 knobs to do the trick, but it is important that this is the default behavior...
    Otherwise, we will have to do these operations for any instrument that is added to the set...

    Please, share your experience with this issue.

    Any feedback on this would be highly appreciated...