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KORE patches

Discussion in 'KORE' started by Kymeia, Jun 8, 2006.

  1. losan

    losan Forum Member

    This time something a little bit different...

    In the Attachment you`ll find two alternative Controllerpages
    for NI's Massive and Absynth. These are NOT the usuall
    Koresounds !

    So what's the use ?

    Ever wanted to have all Massive Macrocontrols on the
    first Easy Page ? To have access to all 16 Macrocontrols in
    Absynth, AND also the Controls of the Masterenvelope ?
    Here you have them. The Beauty of it is, that you don't have
    to resave or reimport any Presets, they're left untouched, and
    all Controls still function, as you would expect.

    They work with all Presets, that come with Massive/Absynth,
    (Factory Presets, 3th Party Libraries)
    as long they have not been saved in Kore.
    (For example, the presets in the Kore Soundpacks are created
    in Kore, so the Controller pages have become a part of the

    How to use...

    There are two possibilities (I prefer the 2nd one):
    1. Replace the existing Controllerpages in the Folder
    "\Programs\Common Folder\Native Instruments\Shared Content\
    Controller Pages\Kore Controller" (well, under Windows, I don't
    know it for Macs, also make a Backup of the original files prior)

    2. Create a Folder "Controller Pages\Kore Controller" in your
    Userpath\Native Instruments\Shared Content Folder, place the
    new Controller pages there, and remove the existing ones found
    in the folder I called above in the first Possibility.

    How does it work...

    I've found, that Absynth and Massive Easy pages work a little bit different than others. If you create a patch say in Absyth,
    assign a Macrocontrol and name it, then with this patch, when loaded in Kore, the Macrocontrol will automaticly appear with it's
    name in the Easy Page. So the Koresounds, that come with Absynth or Massive don't seem to have included controllerpages.

    So I wondered why and how, and digged a little deeper into the provided Controller pages.

    These are in fact just simple XML-files, you can open them in an editor, and the logic of them is really simple.
    (I'm far from being a programming guru, btw.).
    What's interesting is the line
    " <autonameupdate>1</autonameupdate> "
    you'll find for every knob in the Contoller pages for Absynth and
    Massive. So this line is responsible for the automatic name
    assignment of the Macro controls to the Kore knobs. All I did now was to rearrange the order of the knobs how they appear on the Easy Pages.

    Another interesting line is
    " <autouser>0</autouser> "
    this let's appear a defined page as a Plugin page !
    (You have discovered, that for example Massive has quit a lot of
    nice sorted Plugin pages, didn't you...?)

    So I used this for the Controller page of Absynth, to move
    the Masterenvelope Controls to a Plugin page, and to have all
    16 Macro controls availible on th 2 Easy pages.

    At the moment I'm working on an extented version of the
    imposcar Contoller page. I have imported a lot of sounds
    with the default Contoller page into Kore, but afterwards
    missed some Contol Options like the Filter Separation and the like. I didn't wanted to reimport all those sounds, so the called line above come in handy for creating nicely sorted plugin pages,
    which will appear in the allready saved presets !
    But this will only work, if you imported the sounds via the
    provided controller page. It will not work, if you created a custom Kore Template for the plugin, and then imported the presets.

    OK, I hope, it's of some use and hopefully not too confusing :cool:

    Attached Files:

  2. losan

    losan Forum Member

    Here's a extended Controller page for impOSCar, with
    additional defined plugin pages.
    (see also my previous post)

    The Easy pages remained unchained, you get PLUGIN pages
    for Filters, Oscillators, Modulation (LFOs and Envelopes),
    Amp and Filter Envelopes, ARP and Glide, Velocity Assignments,
    Delay and Chorus.

    If you previously imported your impOSCar Sounds with the default
    Controller page, witch comes with Kore 2, the plugin pages will
    automatically appear in those presets, after you replaced the original Controller page with this new one.
    NO need to re-import the impOSCar banks !

    Attached Files:

  3. Kymeia

    Kymeia NI Product Owner

    Thanks - I have a big problem with iMPoscar imports though, they seem to need more than one click to load the right sound. Do you have that problem?
  4. losan

    losan Forum Member

    Yes, I have also this problem with impOSCar. I've read somethere else, that also Rob Papen's Predator has this behaviour, and myself
    also found some other plugins, for example the free Kjaerhus Classic FX, or the plugins Liquid and RoughRider by Audio Damage
    (but interestingly not Dubstation by Audio Damage).
    Then there are also plugins, where the automation isn't working
    really well inside Kore, for Example Kompakt, or Kompakt driven Plugins, in my case Nostalgia and Vapor -shame on you,NI ;-)

    I don't know, if it's at all Kore's fault, but I hope, that NI's aware of it, and that those annoyances will be somehow solved

    BTW, Kymeia, I lately have recieved your PM, but since I'm a Forum Newcomer, I couldn't reply (one have to have more than 20 posts posted). Just to let you know, and the answers to your questions will come with my next post here pretty soon. So look out...
  5. Kymeia

    Kymeia NI Product Owner

    afaik the Predator problem was fixed by the Predator devs. To be fair it's probably not always KORE's fault - there are so many different ways that plugins seem to handle presets. As for Kompakt - that does suck but then they were made well before KORE came out.
  6. losan

    losan Forum Member

    Well, the problem with Vapor and Nostalgia is, that the Kore knobs
    don't reflect the parameter values, when you load a new patch in Kore. Then you use the knobs, you get value jumps of the parameters. Also someone else mentioned problems with Nostalgia with Kore Performances. I tried saving a performance with a Nostalgia Patch, and what Kore does, it saves the state of the knobs in the Controller View (!), and not the actual Parameter values. Depending of the state of the buttons, if you load this performance, the sound of the patch has changed, or the Volume is too loud or totally down. Only workaround I found,
    is to disable the Control pages in the Sound Manager befor saving.
    I don't have Kompakt, so I can't judge, if it also behaves this way.
    Something else...

    So the folks at Spectrasonics have been cool about this:

    Spectrasonics Atmosphere Presets as Koresounds


    the whole Factory patches, just roughly tagged (Leads,Pads,Bells and
    the like), but with Metafile Info of the Bank/Subbank they belong to.
    No Control pages, since Atmosphere offers no Automation.

    Most of the Presets have been saved befor Kore 2 came out (except for the ones in
    the "Waveform Utility" section), so they're also compatibal with Kore 1

    If you have the full version of Reaktor, check out the Kore Toolpack
    by Jonathan Adams Leonard (aka Sleen) in the sticky of the NI Kore Forum (Kore2MidiX8)
    for controlling Atmosphere via Midi with the Kore Controller.

    Thanks to Spectrasonics
  7. Kymeia

    Kymeia NI Product Owner

    Thanks - really cool of you to have done this work (a lot of work). I don't know if Spectrosonics realise but this really opens up a lot of possibilities. For a start browsing Atmosphere was always a pain but with KORE not only do you have text and attribute based searching but you can also assign ratings which makes it much more usable. And even though you cannot control Atmosphere itself (except with the Reaktor midi tools workaround) you can now use Atmosphere sounds as elements in multi sound combo patches where you would be able to add fx etc and create huge patches with many more than just the two layers Atmosphere has (as well as bringing in other sound sources). You could almost take it to the level of Omnisphere in many respects.
  8. Kymeia

    Kymeia NI Product Owner

    OK here's a template for Zebralette for KORE:


    made with version 1 so should work in both versions and comes with a nice patch by me

    This is made with the version that comes with Zebra 2 but afaik it's identical to the free CM/Magware version.

    I made wavwarp the very first knob because I love using Kore to sweep the wavetable :)
  9. Kymeia

    Kymeia NI Product Owner

  10. Kymeia

    Kymeia NI Product Owner

    I've made a preliminary KORE template for MFM2 now as well.


    This might need some fine tuning but I've added to this an Unholy Knob of Doom - where it might need some tweaking is in finding the sweet spots as I've added all 4 delay lines to it. It gets a result though :)
  11. Kymeia

    Kymeia NI Product Owner

  12. losan

    losan Forum Member

    Thanks Kymeia,
    checked your latest ones, just some comments...

    -the Zebralette Template doesn´t work with the old version
    which came with the German magazine "Sound&Recording"

    -have to check your MFM2 Template a little deeper, I personally
    find it difficult to decide, which parameters would make sense
    in a Controller Template for this one

    -have you tried your MFM2 template as a soundsource ?
    put a limiter at the end and just move the doom knob
    Good for the next Horror movie...

    -a "Panic" Button (assigned to the FX-Volume) in MFM2
    may be a useful addition

    O.K., and here is a new one from me...

    - Kore2 Template(s) for LennarDigital Sylenth1v2

    Download at:

    One basic with the most relevant parameters, and
    the second one pretty much covers everything.
    The later also includes pages for the integrated stepsequencer,
    imho it`s much more fun tweaking it with the Kore Controller, also the soundvariations and morphing inside Kore comes quite handy.

  13. Kymeia

    Kymeia NI Product Owner

    I was wondering about the freebie versions - I can't check as I don't have them.

    The MFM2 one is a work in progress - the Doom knob in particular was hard to decide what to assign and how to "tune" the params to get the sweet spot so it probably needs more work. As for the other params I think I mapped all the ones that I could.
  14. deftactical

    deftactical New Member

    I have a weird request if someone can help me.

    I bought Kore 1 from Ebay, set it up, and downloaded lots of pages for my VSTs from this page (thanks all guys, really you are amazing) and they all work fine.

    The problem is that the patches that should be installed with Kore like patches for Battery 3 and Absynth 4 are not there. Can someone please upload those, so I can control stuff especially with Battery 3, I can only control volume and that is it, all other pages are strange numbers that start with #000, #001 and so on...
  15. losan

    losan Forum Member

    Hi deftactical,

    a little late, but maybe you should have posted better
    this as a new thread.
    It seems to me, you're loading Absynth or Battery directly as plugins into Kore, you should load them instead via the browser to have the User-pages available.
    If you don't see there any sounds, rebuild the database, they should be there.
    Also keep in mind,that older Absynth or Battery sounds
    don't have so much parameters assigned to the userpages.
    If you want more control (or if you build patches for Abs or create a kit for Battery from scratch), you need to assign the parameters in the plugins (in Abs to the macros, in Kontakt or Battery you have to use the Automation Table), before you then can assign them to the knobs in Kore.
    You may also check this link for a step-by-step explanation
    for Automation with Kontakt (should also apply to Battery):

    Hope I could help a little bit,
  16. deftactical

    deftactical New Member

    I think you misunderstood me mate, i am not searching for sounds for battery and absynth, I somehow cant load their ksd patches!
  17. losan

    losan Forum Member

    O.K., let's see, if we can sort this out...

    I guess, you mean with " ...I somehow cant load their ksd patches",
    that you don't see a Userpage with assigned parameters after loading a preset (Koresound) of Battery or Absynth, right ?

    What me (and the others here) claim as a "template" IS in fact a single Koresound, in the case of an external VST-plugin (which loads/saves banks in the fxb-format) a single preset out of the bank in this plugin, chosing and assigning some synth parameters
    to the knobs of the Kore Controller, and then saving as a Koresound (ksd-file !).
    Then with this Koresound and the Import function of Kore, one can convert every single preset of the loaded fxb-bankfile in the plugin to according Koresounds.
    With the Import function of Kore the parameter assignments (aka the Userpages) are then saved in every imported Koresound !

    But, with Absynth and Battery (and also Kontakt or Massive)
    it's different. Abs 4, FM8 and Massive don't come with fxb-bankfiles, every preset comes as a single Koresound.
    So you can't create a "template", because Batch Import does only function with fxb-files.
    But what you have with this plugins are "Controllerpages"
    (Extension .ndp), which are predefined pages, if you load these plugins directly via the Kontext menu into Kore in a slot.
    Also the Controller pages of Abs and Massive have a "Autoname" function for their macros, so if you load a Koresound inside these plugins, the Controllerpage will show the names of assigned parameters.
    (please see also my 2nd post on site 6 of this thread about this)

    BUT, where are quite a lot of old Abs Sounds, which don't have
    many parameters assigned, for example the Abs 3 or Absynth Sound Vol 1 sounds. On the other hand, if you try the
    instruments, which came with Abs 4, they have quite a lot assigned.
    Battery 3 (and Kontakt) are quite another case.
    No Battery Koresound has a dedicated Userpage assigned, and if you want one, you have to create one yourself, and then save
    each kit one-by-one in Kore.
    This has to be done via the Automation page in Battery (please also see my previous post), but at least you can save the automation table inside Battery, and use it for other kits.

    Kontakt is even worse in this respect, since it can't save a default automation table at the moment, you have to assign parameters inside Kontakt for every single instrument all over again, then saving as a Koresound after that (you have to do this for every single instrument).

    What me (and for sure others) would like to see, is some kind of application or build in function for batch-converting Kontakt and Battery instruments/kits into Koresounds, preferably where you could choose a predefined Userpage/Automation map prior saving the sounds.
    I myself have quite a lot of Kontakt Instruments, where I would like to define a Performance View, assign the parameters to the Kore knobs and than save the instrument as a Kore sound, but, man, this is so much work...

    Well, this is all I can contribute to your question, if this still doesn't address your point, then please post in a new thread in the main forum, I'm sure someone then will like to help you.

    (and don't despair, it can only get better, don't you think...)
  18. Kymeia

    Kymeia NI Product Owner

    How about a template for the new Camel Audio Alchemy :)


    I had this made ready for the release date (today)

    Everything mapped and set up for the Kore 2 morphing pad to sync 1:1 with the remix pad as well as all the performance knobs and XY's mapped

    enjoy - great to have hands on control of Alchemy (try with DNA Piano which is mind blowing)
  19. Mr. Quimper

    Mr. Quimper Forum Member

    Sorry if this is a newbie question, I'm only just starting to dig into Kore although I've had it for two years now (never quite got my head around the usefulness until now).

    I own Komplete 5 and Kore 2. Can I create original Kore sounds that users of the free Koreplayer can use through the integrated engines? I ask because I'm in a sound design master's program and think it would be cool if my classmates/professors could download the free Koreplayer and then have immediate access to my library of sound designs easily. Will this work?

    Thanks in advance.
    Never mind, just found this.

    I have to say that I'm disappointed w/ that info. :(
  20. Kymeia

    Kymeia NI Product Owner

    Here's a template for using with the Virus Ti control. It works quite well in Kore as it has endless rotaries and in some respects a better feel than the Virus hardware itself. It also enables you to more easily do stuff like sweep through the wavetables and graintables and control the hypersaw spread etc. I guess this would also be useful for Snow users.

    I'm guessing this won't work without a bit of setting up though. The Control by default only exposes a limited set of params for automation (presumably due to the overall number) and additional ones need to be enabled for automation by rightclicking on the param. Not all can be enabled either. You will need to add the following params to the automation set when you first open the template - then resave it:

    All params (that can be added) on the Easy, Oscs and Filters pages (don't forget the hypersaw and classic oscs have their own params too)

    There's a chance this won't work even then and the template will open with a set of blank pages if the automation isn't added already but there's probably not a lot I can do about that unless there's a way to add the automation set to the file somehow - let me know. At the very least the Easy page should work though.