Large waveform constantly stutters on MacBook Pro 2016/2017

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    This has been posted on the forum multiple times, and I believe other people have reported it to NI support as well.

    Version and Setup:
    Traktor Scratch Pro
    macOS High Sierra 10.13.5

    Reproduction Steps

    1. Start Traktor on a MacBook Pro 2016/2017.
    2. Make sure the deck size is set to Essential or larger.
    3. Play a track.
    Observed Results:
    The large waveform constantly stutters. It gets worse when you have 4 decks with the Essential or larger deck size. The waveforms on the Kontrol D2 also stutter when Traktor is on screen. The only way to get the waveforms on the D2 to render smoothly is to run Traktor in fullscreen and switch to the Desktop space. But this means you have to control Traktor completely from the D2.

    I don't think it's related to the OS, because my MacBook Pro 2011 didn't have this issue with the same OS (macOS Sierra at the time).

    Expected Results

    The waveform should render smoothly, regardless of the deck size or how many decks are visible.

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    It's annoying, did you solved this issue?
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