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Learning Massive X

Discussion in 'MASSIVE + MASSIVE X' started by abluesky, Feb 15, 2020.

  1. abluesky

    abluesky New Member


    I absolutely love the sound of massive X but I’m struggling to learn all the features and thus leverage its full potential. I’ve read the manual a few times, and specifically I’m unsure how to leverage the trackers, which wavetables are tailored to which modes and phase modulation, how to use the exciters envelope to create sounds using filter resonance, and how to leverage the insert oscillators besides basic sub osc.

    I realize that answers to these issues is beyond the scope of responses to this post, but I’m wondering if anybody is willing to share their favorite resources for learning massive x. Of course, if anybody has an tips they want to share in response, I would really appreciate it.

    Thank you!
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  2. Jan Ola @ NI

    Jan Ola @ NI NI Team NI Team

    Thanks for your post! We will consider these topics for additional learning assets.
  3. Sommerklänge

    Sommerklänge NI Product Owner

    Hi, I personally go to a variety of resources on youtube. As the synth is pretty new and didn't get the love it deserved at launch, there aren't a lot of tutorials out there (yet) I've found some playlists with tutorials: Playlist 1 Playlist 2 Alternatively, you can search for "Massive X" + "what you want to know / what style you produce / famous artist in that genre". Not sure if I helped you any further, I hope so though. Regardless, good luck on your Massive X journey! :D