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left tempo fader out of control

Discussion in 'Technical Issues (Archive)' started by Arturk, Dec 13, 2010.

  1. Arturk

    Arturk New Member

    I want to report a defect that has my unit traktor kontrol s4, after 3 weeks of operation, suddenly the tempo fader left began to behave strangely and out of control, this does not establish the tempo in one value, it jumps between multiple values, and inside the software, the pitch fader moves upwards without touching the fader on the console. I recalibrated the faders in the software and it did not work.

    this happen even when playing tracks on both left decks.

  2. photojojo

    photojojo Forum Member

    It's best to contact NI support and start a support ticket with them if you haven't already.
  3. Arturk

    Arturk New Member

    Yes photojojo, Ive already started the support ticket since the last week, but without any answer from them.. I dont even know what to do with that ticket number, it seem is useless... maybe I should contact them by phone.

    by the way do you think it is a hardware problem?
  4. Karlos Santos

    Karlos Santos Rocket Man Moderator

    Did you Recalibrate the Faders yet..?
  5. Arturk

    Arturk New Member

    yes, Karlos I did, but the recalibration of the faders didn´t work, actually i did it twice.... At this moment I dont know what else i can do with this problem... I can´t use the console , im really frustrated... and anybody from NI has not answered the ticket support.

    Karlos what do you suggest? thank you
  6. Karlos Santos

    Karlos Santos Rocket Man Moderator

    Did you try restoring Defaults in preferences then recalibrating, worth a try.

    Post up your ticket number and i will push it.

    Support are under huge pressure at the moment. All tickets are taking longer than usual to be addressed.
  7. Arturk

    Arturk New Member

    Thanks Karlos, Ill try it, I ll be telling you what happen.

    Actually I ve placed two support tickets. sorry Im a little desperate.




    both have similar description of the problem and same video attached.
  8. Arturk

    Arturk New Member

    Karlos I tried restoring the config and recalibrating the faders again and... didn´t work.. so I installed the traktor kontrol s4 in a Macbook, and the same problem in Mac, so my conclusion is that it is not software, it is not configuration, it is not platform or driver conflict in PC, ..... :( :angry: ...:| is it hardware?... I don´t want to believe that "#$"#$"$%$!%&.
  9. Arturk

    Arturk New Member

  10. Karlos Santos

    Karlos Santos Rocket Man Moderator

    If you look at that video when the Picth Fader is zeroed the Offset buttons are not lit at all. They should be fully lit or at least partly lit.

    Looks like hardware malfunction to me IF they have, as you say been recalibrated.

    Ill try get some more attention from Support.

    FYI: This goes to everyone, please do not make mulitiple Support Tickets. It will not get your issue attended to any quicker. It only serves to confuse matters.
  11. Karlos Santos

    Karlos Santos Rocket Man Moderator

  12. Djbbarcellos

    Djbbarcellos New Member

    Left Tempo Fader ! Is it fixable ?

    Hey I'm following this tread for the bad - left tempo fader - because my unit started behaving the same way. From night to day. it just broke !

    it acts like a major bug that this thing got and I hope will go away.

    Please advise me on what to do. I have used the Service center to make one complaint yesterday, so far I have...

    1 - blown air on the fader.
    2 - reset the software to default settings
    3 - re calibrated the S4.

    nothing seems to work this is truly a nightmare.

    please help us.


    Attached Files:

  13. albertpanit

    albertpanit New Member

    Any news on this issue? Im having the same problem.
  14. djindica

    djindica NI Product Owner


    same happen to me and i fix it with Deoxit , a cleaner that lubricate too, this stuff is simply magical, i use it also on my old stealth control, wich was possessed with over 6 control really fok and im thinking to sold it now cuz its like new, more , work better then when i buy it .

    i think s4 is very fragile on dirt that go inside

    i use deoxit only once , 2 month ago and never a bug comeback

    i bet this gonna be a good 20$ invest while waiting on answerd from NI
  15. theCrothersGrim

    theCrothersGrim New Member

    i'm having this problem too. any progress?
  16. Deargodwhy

    Deargodwhy New Member

    I believe you are correct about it being sensitive about stuff going into it.

    What kind of deoxit are you using there are several different kinds. I need to buy a can myself.
  17. djunderpants

    djunderpants New Member

    Same problem with right tempo fader+ cross fader


    I returned my S4 to the store because of a similar problem.
    The right tempo fader does not react at all in some areas of it's range.
    The cross fader cannot be calibrated, left/right is ok, middle pos. is not middle pos.
    They (the store)sent it back to N.I. right away. It should take 10 days max to get an answer for this problem. :(

    If the cause of the problem is dirty faders then I would be very disappointed because, I used the S4 only like 5 times. If this device is that sensitive, how can I rely on it when this problem occurs in my living room which is a really clean/tidy place compared to a club.

    I'll keep you informed about the response of N.I.

  18. Niems

    Niems Forum Member

    I sadly also have this issue now :(

    My S4 has been working great up until 2 days ago when the left tempo fader started freaking out.

    I have had my S4 for just over a MONTH and ALWAYS make sure there is a dust cover on it when I'm not using it. So I don't know, this is really disappointing.

    I'm in South Africa here and the place I bought it from has the customer service comparible to a group of chimpanzees poking at a telephone with a stick hoping to produce a result. So no, returning it isn't really an option :(

    I'm interested in the contact cleaner though. I have heard many people using them on all sorts of faders and it seems to be a permanant fix.

    Can anyone here describe what kind of stuff I need to be looking for? Obviously my country doesn't have this 'Deoxit' stuff which has been referred to here.
  19. djindica

    djindica NI Product Owner


    its the D5 (safe on plastic feature»)

    www.deoxit.com for the dude far away , just order it direct
  20. T-troniC

    T-troniC Forum Member

    Same Problem here in Germany...

    Just a bit under the 0 Point it starts running slower on its own... WTF!

    This must be a production fault or something!

    And i cant imagine that soooo many people have the same problem and it can be fixed by a liquid?

    I dont believe that... well, i have 2 kinds of Spray here... one is on Oil Base and the other one is from the same manufacturer but its a DRY Lubricant... it drys off very fast after application... so what u suggest would be better for the contacts inside..?

    Anyone an expert here? Dont wanna **** the s4 up with liquid running thru the inside...