Light Guide do not shine above the corresponding button Komplete Kontrol s49 mk2

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  1. mkremer

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    With some instruments, e.g. "Vintage Keys" or "Strummed A.", "Rounds" from komplete 12, the Light Guide Leds do not shine above the corresponding button.
    When i start s49 mk2, then all works perfectly. But sometimes, when in start an instrument, then the above described happens.

    The problem appears most time in connenction with komplete kontrol, when i can look for sounds on the displays of the s49 mk2.

    But sometimes i don't have the problem at all.

    I use
    - The Komplete Kontrol s49 mk2
    - Ableton Live 10 Suite
    - Komplete 12
    - Omnisphere

    My Workstation is a Lenovo Yoga X1 Gen4 i7
    - 16GB RAM
    - 2TB original Lenovo PCIe SSD
    - Win 10
    - Lenovo thunderbolt 3 dock gen 2
    - M-Audio M-Track 2x2M
    and finally a 8 port USB3.0 Hubfrom UGreen

    I have attached pictures.

    What could be the problem here? Would be very grateful for help.

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  2. SSquared

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    I think I've seen this happen if you are transposed. I can't remember if it happens if you transpose directly on the keyboard, or if you shift with a MIDI Transpose effect in Ableton Live. I would first check for any type of transpose MIDI effect in use on a track.
  3. mkremer

    mkremer NI Product Owner

    Hi, i do not shift or transpose. The problem appears, immediatley when i start an instrument, befor i change any options.