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LM4 import to Battery 3

Discussion in 'BATTERY' started by B., Jun 16, 2010.

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  1. B.

    B. NI Product Owner

    I had a fun day with the above issue and wasted so much time on it, that I thought I waste some more here just in case anyone else can cut some corners.

    Short version:
    Ok, it works, but not as the manual says and without Cell names and you might need Kontakt 2 and a bit persistence to figure it out.

    Long Version:
    There are two types of kits LM4 and LM4 MKII.

    I have an LM4 MKII XXL Pack from 01/2002 here with a total of 5 CDs.
    The most kits are pre MKII.

    An example for type 1 would be the BB Power Drums, for type 2 the Wizoo Processed Studio Kits.

    1) If you only have a .txt file, the only way I could import a kit was to import it to
    Kontakt 2 (in my case

    - create two empty dummy folders
    - in Kontakt 2, click "File" in the upper left part of the Browser area of Kontakt
    - navigate to the .txt file describing the kit and select it
    - click "Import" in the upper left part of the Browser area of Kontakt
    - give him the two folders we created in the first step
    - click Convert

    Change to Battery 3 (in my case

    - in the middle of the screen, far to the right, click on "Browser"
    - navigate to the first folder you gave Kontakt 2
    - double click the file ".nki"
    - you should have a kit with mapped samples and groups, but no names
    - the last row in my import was just rubbish...
    - edit names and save as .kt3 file (and think about the "Save Mode"...)

    Done! And you can reuse your two dummy folders for the next kit ;-)

    2) If you have an .fxp (with p like program, not b like bank) you can
    skip the Kontakt 2 part from above and just do the Battery 3 part, now
    opening the .fxp file.

    You will receive lots of red "Missing" errors. Don't bother with the "Locate"
    and "Search File System" buttons, use "Browse Folder".

    Then edit names and save as .kt3 file (again, think about the "Save Mode"...)

    The cell names are in both LM4 files, txt and fxp. The fxp file is a bit cryptic,
    but if you look through it for the first sample name (.aif), above that are some
    empty lines, then a part of the sample name, a space and then the cell name.
    The last part was going backwards in the file.

    Anyways, if you copy everything in front of the cell name up to a character looking like a Q with the feet in the air, you have a perfect pattern to search the next cell name.

    Have fun with these old samples...
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