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    I literally have the best setup ever with just a mk3 Maschine standalone and a mbp. I really want to have an uninterrupted live performance but need to load new pieces at certain times. Ideally would love a solution that keeps it in the box. Alternative is something like a mpc 1000 that I can cover the loading gaps. Does anyone have any recommendations around this? Cheap is good, quality is important and I transport on motorcycle so nothing too bulky.
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    you could use a special live host, some can save presets on their own for single vst´s, and you can send the output of both to a cross fader like with rack performer, im sure that something like this exists also for mac, and of course optimise the projects - re sample as much as yo can. Reaper is also great for stuff like that cause it is really light weight and you have all the power for 2 maschine instances.

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    ... a friend has been running this unit for a few years doing big shows on international tours ... swears by it ...
    here's their promo clip:
    here's his personal endorsement: https://cymaticaudio.com/yanya-boston-drummer/

    very portable, light ... could be easy be loaded with transition tracks
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    Try this:
    Duplicate your Maschine app so you have 2 versions with different names, then you can load them both at the same time. (only works for Mac afaik)
    Shift+Plugin/Instance allows you to choose which app the MK3 is controlling... Pretty cool!

    Assuming your CPU is beefy enough to handle 2 apps at the same time you can always have a long sample playing at the end of each track to give you enough time to load the next project on the second app. (technically you can even use Link or virtual MIDI and mix projects and do transitions.)
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    ... have previously used MIDI sync with Traktor and Maschine, now setting up new live rig with Ableton Link as sync system ... has occured to me to use Traktor to play pre produced stems, segues, soundscapes in a 'Linked' setup ... theoretically this would cover the issue of loading projects in Maschine ...

    ... hardware clock like this opens up some interesting possibilities too ...
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