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Lock Scenes (in idea view)

Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by Will Zégal, Jun 30, 2019.

  1. Will Zégal

    Will Zégal NI Product Owner

    Here is the case.

    With JAM, I do not use much scenes anymore, but.
    For instance, I have on that is the beginning a a break or a bridge. SO I'm sure to have the good selection of pattern when going to the break without doing knots with my fingers.

    So, I have a rehearsal. I play the beginning of the break using the right scene, than I change patterns to go on to the end of the tune.
    But if I decided to change, anything in my song, I will save it of course.

    And here it happens : when I open my project next time and come to the break scene, its not the good one anymore, but the state where I was arrived last time I played.

    It would be good to be able to "lock" some (or all) scenes so when you save the project, the changes made in theses scene are not saved.
    There could be a warning when saving, like: "You have locked scenes in you project" and two buttons
    "save the actual state" and "keep locked scenes as they where before"
    I'm sure NI guys will find a much better formulation, but it's the idea.
  2. D-One

    D-One Moderator Moderator

    It sounds to me like your issue is a consequence of "not using scenes anymore". In your shoes, I would always keep the original Scene and if I want to make a change I would just duplicate it prior to editing, then decide if I want to only keep one or the two.
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  3. Will Zégal

    Will Zégal NI Product Owner

    That's a workaround. Thanks for the idea, but it looks to me more as a a makeshift job than as a feature.

    I'm a bit surprised : Am I the only one in this case ? o_O
  4. ParadigMan

    ParadigMan New Member

    I have exactly the same issue. I work with Maschine Jam and want to prepare a live set Maschine Software. I would love to have the scene button like a snapshot I can return in every moment. But as soon as I start to jam with patterns, my scenes mess up.

    NI: It would be really nice to have this lock feature. Otherwise I can't use the scene buttons, because with Jam they doesn't make sense to me.